If you are in a RepIO workspace, you will have access to a Project Dashboard feature. The Project Dashboard serves as the main hub for managing a project, containing  a high level summary of:

  • Stoplight Reports for overall project status

  • Outstanding items pending review

  • Risk and Task items prioritized by level of urgency or severity

  • Project Financials

  • Project Billings / Invoices

Information on the Project Dashboard is updated in real-time based on project activity and can be shared with your client to give them instant, up to date insight into the project by simply logging into the Ingenious application. 


1 - Navigation Options

  • Project Dashboard Widgets: each functional widget can be clicked to navigate to the specific feature in the Platform (ex: Click Current Budget on the Project Financials widget to navigate to the Budget)

  • Quick Keys: this Project Dashboard widget is meant to connect other functionality not included in the current analytics / reporting. Choose from Project Photos, Documents, Meeting Minutes, or Reports to quickly showcase data stored within these modules within the Project.

  • Project Navigation Menu: searchable dropdown menu containing all Project functionality (Open the menu and select an option to navigate to that page)

2 - Stoplight Reports

Update each Stoplight Report option to Green/Yellow/Red to convey current status on the project

  • Financial

  • Schedule

  • Risk

Note: the Stoplight Reports are currently manual and must be adjusted by the PM

3 - Items Pending Review

Count of the items requiring action from your project team out of the total items created for each category

  • Outstanding Contracts

  • Outstanding Change Orders

  • Invoices for Review

Note: clicking any of these widgets will navigate you to the respective feature

4 - Outstanding Risk / Task Issues

Both widgets contain graphics displaying the count and level of urgency/severity for each item with a short list of priority items

  • Click an individual item to open that Risk / Task

  • Click See All in the widget to launch the full list of Risks / Tasks

5 - Project Financials / Contingency

The Project Budget / ACR drives both of these widgets allowing for views into:

  • Current Budget Total

  • Total Anticipated Cost

  • Anticipated Cost Variance to Budget

  • Funding Source totals and usage

  • Committed and Uncommitted cost totals

  • Contingency Funds Remaining (includes owner and contractor contingency)

Note: click inside the Project Financials widget to navigate to the Project Budget

6 - Project Billing Summary 

Contains information related to the Project's Billing activity including:

  • Gross Total Completed & Stored amount

  • Total Retention amount

  • Net Total Completed & Stored amount

  • Gross Prev. Applications

  • Gross Current Application

  • Gross Balance to Complete

  • Paid Amount (Invoices will need to be Marked as Paid for amounts to show here)

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