Configure Project Settings: Project Information

Configure your project's settings and project information

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A number of the settings below are linked back to the Company Settings. Please check with your Workspace Administrator to ensure your Company Settings are configured. For more information on how to configure company settings, please click here.


  1. Select the project from the project list

  2. Click the Project menu > select Project Settings tab

  3. Click Project Information tab to access the project details

  4. Click Edit in the top right corner

Editing Project Information

Note that the Project name cannot be edited at this time. If you must, please reach out to our Support team and request a change to your project name.

  • Project Status: set the current status of the project:

  1. Feasibility: project is in planning and is not in progress

  2. Scheduled: project work has not begun but project now has a scheduled start date

  3. In Progress: project work is underway

  4. Completed: project is complete and can no longer have time billed to it

  5. On Hold: project work has paused

  6. Cancelled: project will no longer be delivered and can no longer have time billed to it

  • Project Phase: set the current phase of the project with the options below:

  1. Planning / Design

  2. Preconstruction

  3. Procurement

  4. Construction

  5. Post-construction

  6. Closeout

  • Currency is set within your Company Settings by your workspace Administrator(s)

  • Office Location select from your Office Locations listed within Company Settings

  • Business Unit select from the Business Units defined within Company Settings

  • Start Date: date your company’s scope of work on the project starts

  • Baseline Project Start & End Date, and Forecast Project Start & End Date: fill in the baseline scheduled dates and the anticipated schedule dates

  • Client/Contact Person: the client is selected at the time of project creation; the contact within that company can be edited at any time

  • Sector / Industry*: select the type of sector/industry this project is for

  • Project Location: enter project Address

  • Project Size: select Unit of Measure between Imperial or Metric. You will need to fill in at least one of these fields Gross Area, Rentable Area, Usable Area below. If the amount is to be determined, you can always put in a filler number, and edit this at a later time.

  • Type of Service: the service your company is providing on this project (Allows for additional filtering capabilities at the portfolio level to group projects based on the different types of services your company provides). Note that you can add a new type of service by clicking into the field, typing in the desired type, and clicking +Add new type

  • Project Type: select the type of project, or click Add New if needed. (Allows for additional filtering capabilities at the portfolio level to group projects based on the different Project Types).

  • Tags: custom tags help identify, group, and analyze projects across your company portfolio that have similar attributes specific to how your company does business (this is a more flexible, less standardized version of Type of Service above)

5. Click Save Settings to lock in updates or Cancel to undo changes

Need additional guidance? Watch this step by step video:


Update Project ID (if applicable)

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