Selecting a Cost Code to build out its cost detail

  1. Click the + icon on the Category line to expand the Codes within that Category

  2. Click the hyperlinked $ amount under Column A (Original Budget) for the desired Code to build out its cost detail

  3. For each cost code, there are options on the top right corner to allow for bidding & contracting and to allow for invoicing. By default, these are toggled 'yes', which will allow you to tie bid package & contract quoted items and invoice line items to these cost codes.

  4. You can either Add Budget Line or Load From Template, if you have pre-set templates specifically for this cost code.

  5. Fill out the Unit of Measure, Quantity and Unit Price.

    Optional: You can attach any files related to this cost code or budget at this step.

    Note that you can always re-order the line items by dragging and dropping the three lines next to the ID and Description. You can also re-name any of the descriptions by clicking the pencil icon next to it.

6. Click Save and Update Next. Save changes on current cost code and load next cost code from budget to repeat steps 1-5.

Next Steps

Approving the Budget

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