The Contacts feature allows you to view, edit, add and invite people to your company workspace. All account types within your company can add contacts. 


To be able to create new contacts, the corresponding Companies must be added to your workspace first. 


Import a List of Contacts

  1. Navigate to Contacts dropdown tab on the left navigation > click Contacts

  2. Click plus symbol in the bottom right side of the screen 

  3. Click Import Contacts

  4. Download the Contacts spreadsheet template by clicking the question mark to the right side of File, the click Template: Download as shown below: 

5. Once the spreadsheet is downloaded locally, input the required fields:

First Name*: enter contact’s first name
Last Name*: enter contact’s last name
Company*: enter name of company that the contact works at. The company name must first be entered in your company workspace. If the name of the company for a contact does not match the name of the company listed in your workspace, an error will occur and stop you from adding that contact.
Email*: enter contact’s email address

Note: The remaining fields are not required but are recommended to include more details about your contacts which will give your workspace more information.

6. After filling out the spreadsheet with contacts, save locally.
7. Click Upload a File within the Import Contacts page on the platform > select the spreadsheet you just created. Once contacts are uploaded, they will appear in the list of contacts. 


Add an Individual Contact

  1. Navigate to Contacts dropdown tab on the left navigation and click Contacts

  2. Click plus symbol on the bottom right hand side of the screen

  3. Click Add New Contact

  4. Enter all information associated with that contact

  5. Click Save & Add New 

Edit Contact Details

8. Click the contact you wish to edit from the list of contacts or search for the name of that contact.
9. Once within Contact Details, to edit the details, simply navigate to that tab.

Notes: Click Add Note to add internal notes about the contact.  that other team members can reference.
Access: this shows which projects the contact has access to within the platform
Details: edit details about the contact here

10. Once detail edits have been saved, click Back to List of Contacts button in the top right corner of the screen to return to the list of contacts.

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