Every employee added to your company's workspace is assigned a job role and labor rate. Each job role is assigned to a labor rate based on your company's standards. The assigned labor rates are reflected within any of the cost management or resource planning features. 


An employee must be created before a job role and/or labor rate can be assigned to them. Only Accounting, Administrator, IT Administrator or Project Executive account types can add/edit Roles and Labor Rates. 


  1. Click Employees dropdown on the lefthand navigation > click Employees tab to access list of employees in your company's workspace

  2. Click the round plus sign in bottom right corner > click Roles & Rates 

3. Click Add Role to add additional role names, and enter in fields associated to the role.

Note: if an employee has additional billable roles assigned to their profile, their Total Cost By Hour will affect the Average Total Cost per Hour for all the billable roles that are assigned to them. If you see a $0.00 Average Total Cost per Hour, then that means your employee's Salary/Hourly rate has not been assigned within their employee profile.

Note: To edit any of the roles or labor rates, double-click within the field you wish to edit and input the updated information. Scroll down to view all listed Roles & Labor Rates. The job role and its corresponding rate can be reassigned to employees at anytime. An employee can receive multiple job roles for purposes of resource planning and cost management. There is no limit to the amount of job roles that can be created or that can be assigned to an employee. 

4. Click and drag a role to reorder its position in the list.    

Note: The order that the job role is in carries over to the Employee Resource Planning feature located within Schedule Planning. When an employee is added to a project within Schedule Planning, he/she is listed in the same order that their role is listed within Roles & Labor Rates. 

5. Click Save to save all of your edits

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