Employees are added to your company workspace for collaboration, resource planning, scheduling, project management, and other various areas of the platform. This feature allows you to import a spreadsheet list of employees working at your company. 


Account Types, Companies and company details must first be setup in order to create an employee. The account type determines the level of access to project management tools. All user roles will have access to Contacts, Timesheets, Expenses, and Communication modules.


  1. Click Employees dropdown on the lefthand navigation > click Employees tab to access list of employees in your company workspace

  2. Click the round plus sign in bottom right corner > click Import Employees

  3. Hover mouse over the File/ Question mark symbol > click download template

Note: this template is required to import details for multiple employees at once. 

4. Enter required fields about your list of employees. The more information added about the employees, the more details the platform will have to sort the total list of employees.

**Cells in grey are required. Field Employees do not require email or title as they will not be using the platform unless directed by your project management team**

Account: enter the name of the account type the employee will have. Account types must first be configured within the Account Types settings located within the employees feature on Ingenious. To see what account types are available for your employees, click the Account Type tab within the spreadsheet.
Roles: enter the name of the role of each employee, to see list of available roles click on the roles tab within the spreadsheet. Roles & labor rates can be configured within the Roles & Rates settings located within the Employees feature on Ingenious.
Title: enter the titles of the employees

Note: data entry for the company name is case sensitive. If there are any employees in the list that are connected to company name that does not match a company name in the system, an error will occur and not allow you to add those employees. For further help with this reach out to the customer success team at Ingenious by clicking the help icon located at the lower righthand corner of the screen.

5. Once all required fields are filled out, save the spreadsheet.

6. Return to the Import Employees page within the Ingenious website and click Upload a file > select the spreadsheet you just created and upload it to the platform.

The list of employees should appear on the Ingenious platform.

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