Business units are divisions within your company. The business units feature is a flexible way to group your company's employees into subgroups or divisions within your organization. Units can be divided by region, types of service or whatever criteria your company chooses. 


Project Executives and Administrators are the default account types that can add/edit business units. 


  1. Navigate to Company Settings in the upper right corner of the screen by clicking the profile symbol 

  2. Click Business Units on the left

  3. Click Add Business Unit on the upper right. All Business Units for your company will be listed on this page.

  4. Enter the name of the business unit you wish to create > Click Save

  5. Click Add Child within a business unit to add subgroups.

Add Child: a child is a sub department of a given business unit. Select Add Child when you want to further break down a business unit into smaller groups. There is no limit to the amount of children a business unit can have or a limit to the amount of children a child of a business unit can have.

Delete a Business Unit

All created business units are archived and not fully deleted. This is so your company can revert that archived business unit back into use later on. The business unit can be edited at anytime to change its name or the names of its children. 

To re-activate the business unit: click Revert and confirm that you want to revert the business unit.

Once the Business Units are created, you can assign employees to business units by editing their employee details. See Add New Employee for instructions. 

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