The Schedule Planning feature gives you as the ability to schedule employees, equipment, materials or subcontractors to a specific project at specific times of the day or weeks. This feature also allows you to communicate directly to employees regarding information about the project or their schedule updates within the platform.


This feature only exists within the SubIO platform for subcontractors. However, General Contractors will have this feature in the near future as well to better manage their self-perform group(s). This feature is only available in the ProIO subscription plan.

Only the Project Manager or Administrator account types have the ability to control the Schedule Planning Settings. See Account Types for instructions on assigning account types to employees. Employees must be added to your company's workspace prior to scheduling them.

Before using the schedule planning feature, you must first set up Company Information and adjust Schedule Planning Settings as schedule planning pulls this data. Also, the projects you wish to add resources to must already be created.


Select date and projects you wish to schedule

Navigate to the 📄Planning dropdown tab on the left navigation and click Schedule Planning

See below for brief description of the interface: 


Employees: search by name or tag of all employees listed in your employee list
Date: the date that you are scheduling employees, default date is today's date
Project Selector: the projects selected from your company's project list that are being scheduled that day. Use this to add/remove the projects shown on the screen
User Added - Schedule Planning Location: this is populated from the  Schedule Planning Settings as a location that will appear daily as a default jobsite.

  1. Select the date in the upper lefthand corner that you wish to plan the schedule on. The current date is set as the default selection. 

  2. Select the Project(s) you wish to schedule for that given date. They will appear in the main space of the page.
    Pro Tip: To remove a project from the list, go back to the Project Selector and click on the selected project again and confirm you want to Remove this Project. This will remove the project from being scheduled that day but not delete it.  

  3. To add a default 'shop' or 'warehouse' location that will appear on the screen for every work day, go to Company Settings and adjust the Schedule Planning Settings

Schedule Employees to Projects

On the lefthand side of the page you will see the list of available employee 'cards' that can be scheduled. 

  1. Drag and drop an employee card to a project
    Pro Tip: to add multiple employee cards to a project at once, hold Control  and select each employee, then drag their cards at once to a project. 

  2. Click Set time to choose the time the employee will begin working

3. Click Send Text Msgs to get a live poll of which employee(s) can/will make it to the project that day. A summary of the schedule planning will popup with the status of the employee's responses. Additionally, if a phone number is invalid, it will be made known here.

Note: clicking Send Schedule Text allows the employees who are on the project to appear within the Morning Report employee list automatically.


Click Notify Worker to create a custom text message to notify the employee(s). Click Send to send the text.

Note: the Notify History will show the message history of that employee within Schedule Planning. This is a notification channel, the employee does not have the ability to message back.

4. Set Status: set the status on the employee(s) and if they are going ✅to the jobsite or not ❌
Duplicate: duplicate the employee's card so that they can be scheduled to more than one jobsite within a day
Delete: delete the employee's card from that jobsite, does not delete the employee

The order in-which employees appear is based off of their role. Settings within Roles and Labor Rates determines which job role is placed in what order and the colors associated to that role. By associating a color to a role, we aim to make it easier for you to quickly identify how your labor looks for that jobsite.

Example: If you connect the color red Superintendent and you want to quickly check if every jobsite has a superintendent on it, your eyes will quickly look for red. The superintendent will always appear as red and always be shown at the top of the list. If you see a jobsite that does not have a red superintendent at the top of the employee list, then you will immediately see that no superintendent has been scheduled for that job. There will be no need to scroll down through the list of employees. 

Based on your preferences, the schedule planner will automatically duplicate the board to the next day so that you don't have to re-add the same jobs to the board. 

Copy Employees from one day to another

The date selected to copy from will populate the projects and people to the new date selected. Use this tool to replicate crews from one date to another. 

  1. Click Copy From 

  2. Select the date you want to copy 

  3. Click ✅to confirm selection

Clear List of Employees from a Project

Clear the entire list of employees that are scheduled to a project to create room to schedule new employees.

  1. Click Actions within a project card

  2. Click Clear List. This will remove the employee cards. 

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