After the bidder's proposal has been added to a bid card, select which bid you want to post to the Proposal or Project budget as an anticipated cost with a pending contract amount. This bid will be used as a placeholder of value on the budget, allowing you to contract the bidder later on.


  1. Navigate to desired Bid Package and click on the Bids tab

  2. For the bidder you wish to proceed with, Click Bid Actions > here you will see a list of option you can take on the Bid Card

  3. Click Post to ACR
    This will carry the bid to the project or proposal budget. Only one bid per bid package can be posted to the budget. If you needed to remove this bidder and post another, just hit Bid Actions again, and choose Remove Post to ACR

  4. Next you will have the ability to Recommend for Approval to push the bid to a recommended status:

5. Once the bid has been recommended for approval, click to Proceed to Contract.

This will create a contract for that bidder and allow you to execute a contract with. The quoted item cost detail will populate over to the contract.

Next Steps

Create a Contract

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