There are two ways to create a project: from the main workspace dashboard as a quick start or by first creating proposal. The instructions below are how to quickly create a project without a proposal. 


Only Admin and Project Executive (and Project Manager, if Admin overrides in Company Settings) account types can create a new project. For employees without this account type, they must be assigned to the proposal or project after it is started. To see which account type you have or how to change your account type, see Account Types help article. 


  • On the main Dashboard, click New Project on the top right corner

  • Choose Without a Contract: start new project without contract and kick off the project in feasibility mode

Enter the Project Details:
Project ID: auto-generated based on number of projects in your workspace, but can be revised to fit your company's preference
Project Name: enter the name of the project - note that this cannot be changed later

Client Functionality
- On System: choose this if the client will be collaborating with you on the platform
- Off System: choose this if the client will not be collaborating with you on the platform but you want to track their contact information. This will be valuable if you choose to, later on, collaborate with them

Base Currency: select the base currency for the project. This cannot be edited later, but you can use Currency Conversions if needed

The only required fields are those with a red asterisk * next to them.

5. Click Start Project

That's it!

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