Starting a Project from an Executed Proposal

How to create a project after the proposal has been created and executed on the Ingenious platform.

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There are two ways to create a project: from the main workspace dashboard as a quick start or by first creating proposal. The instructions below are how to quickly create a project with having first created a proposal on the Ingenious platform.

After creating a proposal and entering all the information associated to the project within the proposal stage, you can execute the proposal as a 'Win' to create a Project.


Only Admins and Project Executive account types can create a new project, or Project Managers as well if this preference is set within Company Settings by an Admin. For employees without these account types, they must be assigned to the proposal or project after it is started. To see which account type you have or how to change your account type, see Account Types help article. 


  1. Select the Proposal that you want to transition into a project from the proposal tab located in the lefthand navigation. 

  2. Once you have selected the proposal that has at least the first 3 steps completed (up to budget / fee), click Actions tab in the upper righthand corner > click Create Project 

Note: by selecting Create Project this changes the status of the proposal to 'Won' and transfers all of the data entered up to this point over to the newly created project. 

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