Project cost codes are unique identifiers for how your Projects across your Company allocate costs. These codes are segmented by categories which contain specific codes to identify scope of work performed on the project. Project Cost Codes can be either your client's cost code structure or your own internal cost codes for projects.

Admin or Project Executive account types are needed to create and manage project cost codes. All other account types have view only privileges. OwnerIO, RepIO and GCIO workspaces have the ability to create Project Cost Codes.


Creating a List

  1. Within Lists & Templates, click on View Project Cost Code Group

  2. Click Add List at the top right corner, and enter in a name. This can be edited at a later time.

  3. Click Add Category to add categories. Categories help you organize similar cost codes within one category.

  4. Once you are done adding categories, you can now add Cost Codes. Click ➕ icon to the right of the category to Add Cost Code or click Actions > Add Code

  5. Once you are done adding codes, you can now create a template from this list!

Import Codes

Alternatively, you can choose to import your company's current cost codes using an Excel template.

  1. Click Actions > Import Codes

  2. To import your Project Codes, first download the Project Codes template by clicking the ? icon to the right of import codes:

3. Once you have filled out your list of codes and categories, click Import Codes and select the spreadsheet for upload. The system will enter the categories and codes you specified within the spreadsheet.

Creating a Template

  1. Click on the Templates tab at the top.

  2. Click Add Template at the top right corner. You will be prompted to name the template, which can be edited later.

  3. On this page, you are able to edit the Template Name, add a description to help your employees find this template, and add in Cost Codes from the List you just created.

  4. To add Cost Codes from the list, select the ones you'd like to add, and then click the right arrow to bring it over to the template. Use the double arrow to bring all of them over if applicable.

  5. Once you are done, click Actions > Save Template. You can now use this template on your Project Budgets!

Next Steps

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