The budget layout view is designed to let you create custom ways to view your project budgets. This is beneficial for when you need to quickly visualize certain aspects of the project's budget (Committed vs. Uncommitted costs, pending contract amounts vs pending contract changes vs approved contract changes..etc.). All budget layout views are available for use on any project manager's project budget.


Admin or Project Executive account types are required to create Budget Layout Views. All workspaces except for DesignIO and SubIO have access to creating budget layout views.


  1. Navigate to Lists and Templates tab on the left navigation

  2. Click the Budget Layout View tab at the top of the screen

  3. Click Add Layout View:

4. Enter a Layout Name

5. Select which Budget / Anticipated Cost Report columns you would like to be visible within the layout:

6. Click the > arrow to place the views into the layout

7. Click Save Layout once edits are made:

Selecting the Budget Layout View for the Project Budget

After creating a custom Budget Layout View, you can use it for the Project Budget.

  1. Select the project from the Projects dropdown menu on the lefthand navigation > Projects.

  2. After selecting a project, open the project navigation menu > select Master Project Budget / ACR

  3. On the right hand side of the screen, click the Change View Layout dropdown > select the Budget Layout View you wish to see:

The columns added to the layout view will be the only columns shown in the project budget.

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