Employee resource planning is the practice of scheduling employees to projects, RFPs, proposals and general events. The resource planning tool is broken down into three areas:

People: list of all employees that can be scheduled to an event, RFP, Proposal or project
Project and Phases: list of all projects and phases that have been scheduled, that employees have been assigned to or that employees have charged time to
RFPs and Proposals: list of RFPs and Proposals that employees have been scheduled to 


Only the Admin or Project Executive account type can execute employee resource planning. The role and rate that an employee can be billed/scheduled as can be adjusted within their employee profile as an 'additional roles'. 


  1. Navigate to the Employees dropdown on the lefthand navigation > click Resource Planning

  2. Click People tab
    Here you will schedule employees to events

3. Select an Employee to schedule by double-clicking their name
4. Once the employees resource sheet is on the screen, click Add Row

5. Choose the event you wish to schedule the employee to:

Project: select the project, phase, RFP, proposal or general entries. General entries are defined within the company settings under Timesheets and Payroll.
Phase: select the phase (if applicable) the employee will work on
Role: choose the billable role that will be charged for this event. To add multiple billable roles to an employee's profile, see roles and labor rates.
Date Range: enter the date range of the employee's involvement of the selected event.
Hours per Day: enter the # of hours the employee is to work per day within the selected Date Range. This can be entered in .25 hour intervals
Total Hours Assigned: this will auto-populate with the calculation of total hours for that event (Hours Per Day x days selected in Date Range)
The total hours assigned can be entered and the Hours per Day will calculate based off of the selected date range.

6. Click Add Row to schedule the selected employee to additional events/projects/phases

Note: the hours per day will round to the nearest 1/4 hour based off the Total Hours Assigned for that time frame.

Pro-Tip: For a one-time / general event like a Holiday / Vacation / Business Development..etc., select the Date Range to be reflective of just the dates that those general events will be scheduled. This will be so that the hours per day do not interpret that event as reoccurring daily over a period of time. 

7. Once all rows are added for the selected Date Range, click Save. 

Search for Resources

Once all the rows have been added to an employee's schedule for a given timeframe, you can search all of the entered employee schedules.

  1. Select the Date Range you wish to view

  2. Select the calendar view to see the hours scheduled 

  3. Search for Resource (employee) who's schedule you wish to view

  4. Click the down-arrow on an employee's card to view their schedule for the given date range. 

Note: adjust the calendar parameters at the bottom of the screen to hide/show elements.

Projects and Phases

Access the Projects and Phases tab to view the names of projects and their phases that have employees scheduled to them. 

  1. Adjust the calendar settings to show the date range that employees have been scheduled to > click ✅ 

2. Adjust the Day/Week/Month/Year tab to see the schedule at different time frames
3. Toggle the calendar options at the bottom of the screen to adjust how the duration, date range, start/end dates and if weekends are shown on the screen.
4. Click the arrow to expand a project to see the phases > double-click a phase to see the resource breakdown

Project/Phase Breakdown

Within a project's phase you will see the following hourly calculation summaries: 

  • Planned: amount of hours scheduled within the project schedule for the phase

  • Assigned: amount of hours assigned to employees for that phase

  • Actual: amount of hours charged by employees to that phase

RFPs and Proposals

The RFPs and Proposals tab functions the same way as the previous tab except that Employees are added to RFPs and Proposals.

  1. Adjust the date range to the time you wish to add employees to

  2. Click the ➕icon to the right of the RFP to add employees to it

  3. Click Add Employee (multiple employees can be added to an RFP/ Proposal to schedule time to)

  4. Select the employee from the list, select the phase (optional), specify the date range and the hours per day or total hours assigned

5. Click Save

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