Admin, Project Executive, or account types with access to 'Payroll' are required to manage timesheets for your company. 

To require employees to make timesheet entries, go to Company Settings > Timesheet and Payroll tab > slide Timesheet Approval to 'Yes.' This will activate the requirement for employees to get their timesheet entries approved by employees with timesheet approval privileges.


  1. Navigate to the 🕑 Timesheets dropdown on the lefthand navigation

  2. Click Employee Timesheets to access a list of all employee timesheets. 

  3. Select the Date Range you wish to manage time for by clicking the calendar 📅 in the upper lefthand corner. 

  4. To edit a timesheet, click the hour amount for a time entry of the employee.

5. Edit the Entry 

Note: if you add a note to the edit, it will appear as a comment on the time entry row. Any timesheet entries that have already been approved will not be editable.

8. Click Save when complete


  • Can my employees enter time for projects that they are not assigned to?
    - No, a non-Admin account type employee can only charge time to RFPs or projects that they have been assigned to. If an employee is assigned a task for a project, this unlocks the ability for that employee to charge time to the project that the task belongs to.

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