Timesheet entries that are not charged to a proposal or project are charged to your company's overhead. These overhead charges are considered Paid General Entries on the Ingenious platform. Adjusting settings for timesheets and payroll allow you to edit the types of overhead entries your employee's can choose from when they enter their timesheets and how they receive compensation. Additionally your company's 401k contribution (if applicable) can be set within the Employee Rules settings 


Admin, Project Executive or account types with access to 'Payroll' are required to manage timesheets for your company.  Time sheet management is available to ProIO users only. 


  1. Navigate to company settings by clicking the profile outline in the upper righthand corner of the screen. 

  2. Click on the Timesheets and Payroll tab on the left.

  3. Slide Timesheet Approval to 'Yes' to require approval for employee's timesheet entries.

Edit Timesheet Approval Settings

  1. Click Edit within the Timesheets header

  2. Select which general entries you want available for your employees to be able to charge overhead time to. Deselecting an entry removes it as an option for employees to charge time to within their My Timesheets tab.

  3. Slide Yes to require timesheet approval for the Paid General Entries. Slide No if you do not want the timesheet approver to have to approve the selected entries.
    Note: Timesheet Approval allows your staff to submit weekly timesheets for approval by project managers. Once approved, the timesheet will be locked from further edits.

Edit Payroll

Adjust the payroll settings for how often your employees get paid and how much contribution is being given towards 401k. 

  1. Enter Work Week Hours: how many billable hours employees can charge on their weekly timesheet entries

  2. Select Payroll Frequency: how often paychecks are sent out

  3. Enter Initial Pay Date: the date you wish to start executing payroll frequency

  4. Enter 401k Employer Contribution percentage: how much the employer will match employee paycheck contributions towards 401k.

Edit Holiday Dates

Admins can add/edit/remove holidays that your company recognizes.

There are three types of holidays available to add to your company's PTO calendar:

Federal Holiday: any holiday recognized by the United States of America as a federal holiday
Company Holiday: any holiday your company recognizes as a holiday outside of a federal holiday
PTO Blackout Day: these are dates employees at your company can not request vacation/Paid Time Off on.

When adding company holidays or PTO blackout days, select the Type of Day and which office locations/regions celebrate that holiday. 

Edit Employee Rules

Add payroll rules for certain days/scenarios that your employees will encounter when entering timesheets. 

  1. Click Employee Rules tab 

  2. Click Add Row

  3. Select Rule and match it to a Pay Type

  4. Click Save

Note: the Project Hours rule is related to the Project Hours specified within a given project's Project Settings.

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