Trusted Domains allow Ingenious to recognize users with an email address ending in "@trusted domain” during the invitation and registration process. This ensures your employees are correctly routed to your existing workspace no matter who initiates the invite to join Ingenious.

With the auto-join setting enabled, users with a verified email address matching a trusted domain of your workspace will be able to register and begin working on system immediately upon invitation allowing for immediate, real-time collaboration with other project participants. Note - if this setting is disabled, a workspace administrator will need to approve each invitation to grant access to a newly invited user.


  1. Navigate to Company Settings by clicking the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen

2. Navigate to the Trusted Domains tab. Here you have the ability to edit whether new users with trusted email addresses are able to join the workspace automatically in the upper right-hand corner toggle. To add a new trusted domain > click the Add Trusted Domain button on the lower left-hand side

3. Here you have the ability to add trusted domains to your workspace. After inserting a trusted domain into the "Domain Verification Email Address" field > click the Send Request button on the lower left-hand side. By clicking the Send Request button, an email notification will be sent to the recipient, requesting their confirmation. Upon their approval, their domain will be labeled as a trusted domain.

4. To view new users added to your workspace > click on the New Users field on the top of the Trusted Domain page

5 On the New Users page, you will be able to view a complete listing of new users by name, who added the individual, and when they were added. If they were approved, it will show who their approver was, and if they were denied, it will show who rejected them.

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