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Uploading and Managing Drawings to My Project
Uploading and Managing Drawings to My Project

Upload drawing sets to your project to be shared with team members

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Upload a Drawing

  1. Select a Project

  2. Within the project drop-down menu, search for Drawings

  3. Click Add New Drawings

  4. You will be prompted to select whether it is a Construction Set or a Draft Set. A Draft Set can be shared with a user-specified list of contributors, whereas a Construction Set is shared with all members in the Project Directory.

  5. Once a set is selected, the user will be able to upload a file and either select an existing drawing set they would like to add the uploaded set to, or create a new one. If the user selects an existing set, any sheets that are already existing within that set, will result in a new revision of that sheet.

  6. From here, the user can press upload and the set will populate within the Processing in Progress Bar.

OCR Configuration

When you are ready to configure the Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can click on the “Configure OCR” button. This will take you to the OCR Configuration page where you can navigate from one page to another using the page navigator at the bottom. During this stage, you will choose the page to configure OCR on and place a box around the Sheet Number and Sheet Title by pressing the “Select Region” button. Press the “Select Region” button, and your cursor will then turn into a cross. From here you will be able to draw a box around the respective area you'd like to have read, and press the green checkmark button to confirm your selection. Note that you will also have access to a help article at the top of this page with OCR Selection Tips. The reading will then populate in the right hand box.

Once you are satisfied with their selection and the corresponding reading, you can click the “Save and OCR This Set” button in the bottom right corner, and the system will automatically apply this selection to all pages, and processing will begin.

During processing, a status bar will appear on the right side to note the status of the drawings while they are in progress.

Reviewing OCR Results

Once processing is complete, to review the OCR results, click on the Review OCR Results button on the right side. You will now be able to review your OCR results and make any changes that are necessary. To make changes, you can simply click on the thumbnail image next to either the Sheet Number or Title and re-select the area in which you would like OCR to read. Alternatively, you can also click into the text box and manually edit the text. The tool will also automatically assign the drawing category to the sheet based on the first character in the Sheet Number (ex. A101 will automatically assign Architectural).

Troubleshooting OCR Results

Sometimes on drawing sheets, there may be an error. Oftentimes this is caused by the template of the drawings shifting on the page, and as a result, OCR is unable to read the area. We have a fix for this! 🎉 When reviewing OCR Results, you can click on the thumbnail of a sheet with an error and re-position the location of where the Sheet Title and Sheet Number should be read. The user can then press “Save and Apply to Errors” and we will automatically apply the correction to all other errors! This can be done as many times as necessary until the user has a proper reading of all of their Drawings and no errors remain.

Once you've reviewed and are satisfied with the OCR results, you can press the “Approve OCR Results” button in the top right corner, and the drawings will publish under the active sets within that Project.

Drawings List View

The drawing set list view displays all of the drawing sets that are visible for a given user. As mentioned above, if you were not the person to upload the draft set, you must be added as a contributor in order to have access. From the drawing set list view, the user can filter the list view, search the list view, and add new drawings.

Drawing Sheets

The drawing sheet list view provides the user the ability to see all of the drawings within a set. From the list view, you can filter, search, and download a PDF of the set. If you are viewing a draft set, you will have the ability to share the set with other users from this page. In addition to the list view, you will also have access to a grid view. The Grid view will allow users to have a large preview of the drawing sheet before clicking on a sheet to view it.

Open Drawing Sheet

By clicking on a drawing sheet from the list or grid view, you will be directed to the open drawing sheet view. From this view, you will be able to perform all actions necessary on a respective drawing sheet. This includes full mark-up functionality, adding comments, navigating to other sheets within the set, and also navigating to other revisions.

Drawing Details

On the right-hand side of the Drawing sheet, the sheet details will be displayed. This includes information such as the name, category, upload date, uploader, and version of the drawing the user is viewing. From this panel, users will be able to navigate to previous versions of the drawing sheet by using the version dropdown. The user can open and close the details panel by clicking on the “i” icon within the toolbar.

Table of Contents

From the drawing sheet view, the user can also navigate to other pages within the drawing set. By clicking on the four box icon within the toolbar, the Table of Contents will open on the right side allowing easy navigation to other pages. The user can simply click on another page, and they will be directed to that page.

Perform Markup

Users will have access to a full suite of mark-up tools on a drawing sheet. From clouds, lines, and boxes to annotations and the ability to insert custom signatures and stamps, users will have all of the tools they need to mark-up their drawing sheets.


In addition to the full suite of mark-up capability, users will be able to add measurements to scale on drawings. Under the measurements tab, users will be able to measure distance, perimeter, and area on their drawing sheet.

Place a Pin

Users will also be able to place pins on drawings and reference other modules across the platform. Right now users have the ability to add comments on drawings, but in the future users will be able to place pins and relate to RFIs, Punch Items, and more! To do this, the user can press the pin icon located within the toolbar. A slide out will appear on the right and a user can select “Add Comment” from the slide out. The user's cursor will turn into a pin, and they can place the pin on the drawing. This will create a comment and the user can then type out the comment and tag other members in the comment to notify them if something needs their attention.

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