Specification sets are processed on INGENIOUS to create specification set details that break down each specification individually. The Master Spec Format must be uploaded to utilize this feature. Once uploaded and processed, the specifications are used to name submittals.


  1. From your workspace main Dashboard page navigate to the Projects list and select the project you wish to add drawings to

  2. Click the project navigation dropdown menu and select Specifications

  3. Click Add New Specification Set

  4. Upload your set, specify a Set Name and press 'enter', and specify the Issue Date. For Upload Tips, click here!

  5. The platform will then process the set. Once complete, you will have the option to publish this set, by clicking 'Publish Set'. This will notify all Project team members.

  6. And that's it! From here, you can see that the Specifications are now organized per Division and per Specification Section.

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