Defining Submittals: A submittal refers to written information, data, and general documentation (defined below) on a specific project provided from a contractor (e.g. contractor and/or specialty-trade contractor) to the general contractor. These documents are forwarded to the design team from the contractor for the purposes of seeking approval that the correct products and sufficient quantities will be installed on the project in compliance with the design documents and contract documents. This helps insure that if there is an error from any construction party on a project, a documented "root-cause analysis" can be performed and hold weight in the court of law.

Submittal Materials: A submittal will typically consist of one of the following documents: product data; shop drawings; project samples; QA/QC; O&M Manual; manufacturer's qualifications; installer's qualifications; warranties; LEED documentation; attic stock; closeout

The Submittal Process: Submittals are typically created by a project manager of a construction project to solicit information from the responsible subcontractor regarding specific items for installation or fabrication on a project. Upon receiving the requested information, the project and design teams review the materials to ensure the data and information is aligned with the project drawings and specifications. Once the submittal is approved, it is returned to the appropriate subcontractor, who documents that the work has been approved for construction.

The IO Difference to Submittals: The submittal process to draft, distribute, and receive approval from different parties across a construction project (as described above) is typically antiquated, slow, and labor intensive. By unifying all construction parties on the INGENIOUS.BUILD platform, the submittal process to draft, distribute, and approve is entirely digital with all parties having the ability to see (and be notified) in real-time and have a digital trail of the submittal process.

Submittal Workflows: Within the INGENIOUS.BUILD platform, an approval workflow designates the list of individuals who respond to submittals (e.g. approve, reject, edit, ect.) in accordance to the rules that have been determined by the approval framework and approval process.

Note: In order to create or edit a submittal, one must first learn how to access and view submittals. The following article details the following action items within the IO platform:

  1. How to Access and View Submittals

  2. How to create a Submittal

  3. How to fill-out and edit your Submittal Details

  4. How to Access your Submittal Timeline

  5. How to Access your Submittal Discussion


How to Access and View Your Submittals

  1. To view the list of active submittals, navigate on any screen within the platform to the left-hand menu to Projects > click on Projects within the Projects section

2. Within the Projects window, select the desired project in which you wish to access your list of submittals (you will be able to access your full list of submittals across all projects no matter which project you select)

3. Once you are on the selected Project home page, navigate on the left-hand panel to the Project Summary drop-down menu and scroll down to Submittals within the Construction Administration section > click on Submittals

4. Once you have landed on the Submittal home page, you have the option to view all of the submittals you have drafted or all submittals on active projects by clicking between the My Submittals or All Submittals button on the top of the Submittal home page

How to Create a Submittal

  1. Note: refer to section above, "How to Access and View Your Submittals" for instructions on how to navigate to the Submittal home page

  2. Once you on the Submittal home page, to create a new submittal > click on the "+" Button in the bottom right-hand corner. Please note, the "+" Button to create a new submittal is only available if you are on the Submittal home page.

  3. Note: refer to section below, "How to Fill out and Edit a Submittal" for step-by-step instructions and detailed information on how to fill out and edit the content within a submittal

How to Fill out and Edit Submittal Details

1. After clicking on the "+" Button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Submittal home page (to generate a new submittal) or by clicking on an existing submittal, you will be directed to the respective Submittal detail page. Here you have the opportunity to fill out or edit detailed information of the submittal as it relates to the following sections: General; Description; Submittal Schedule Information; Add Employees; Send To; and Add Reviewers. The sections below provide more detailed information on the definitions of each term within each section.

2. General:

Title: Name of the Submittal

Specification Number:

Section, Package & Revision:

Responsible Contractor: Select the assigned contractor

Required On-Site Date: Select the date of delivery

Project: Select the assigned project

3. Description: A text field entry to describe the purpose and specify any relevant detail of the submittal

4. Submittal Schedule Information:

Due Back from Designer:

Completed Internal Review:

5. Add Employees:

Add Internal Reviewers: Grants you the opportunity to select internal co-workers to review

6. Send To: You have the option to send the submittal to an existing connection or an off-system connection (you have

7. Add Reviewers: You have the option to include internal (within your company) or external contacts to review the submittal

8. How to Save: To save content inserted into the details > click on the Save button before leaving the page

How to Access The Submittal Timeline

  1. On the Submittal Details page (see Step 1 of "How to Fill Out and Edit Submittal Details"), navigate to the Timeline button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen > click on the Timeline button

2. On the Timeline page within Submittals, you are able to see in real-time the status and the submittal trail between responsible parties (e.g. who among responsible parties approved or sent the submittal to adjacent 3rd parties).

How to Access the Submittal Discussion

1. On the Submittal Details page (see Step 1 of "How to Fill Out and Edit Submittal Details"), navigate to the Discussion button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen > click on the Discussion button

2. On the Discussions page within Submittals, you are able to communicate in real-time with all invited parties participating in the submittal process.

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