Configure how the Submittal exchange process is managed, determine who on the project needs to be notified of the submittal status changes, and add or remove submittal types for the project.


  1. Select Project > select Project Settings within the project drop-down menu > click Submittals

  2. Click Edit at the bottom of the screen

  3. Set the time for the submittals to be reviewed:

  • Architect Review Time: number of days the Architect (ArchIO workspace) has to review a Submittal once it falls under their review

  • Internal Review Time: number of days your company / internal team members have to review a Submittal once it falls under your review

4. Set-up Submittal Log settings:

  • Receive Submittal Log (Architect Connection): if the Architect is connected on the project, enable to see full Submittal log with read-only access (unless an item is sent up to your company for review)

  • Share Submittal Log with Client: enable to share the full Submittal log to your client with read-only access (unless a Submittal is sent up to the client for review)

5. Define Default Reviewers:

  • Default Reviewers: internal project team member(s) that should be notified when a Submittal is sent to your company for review. An email and on-system notification will be sent to these selected contacts.

6. Set-up the Types of submittals required for Material Release or Viewing.

  • View: slide to the right to have this submittal type available for selection when creating your submittals log on this project

Next Steps:

Configure Project Settings: RFI

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