Progress reports, or daily reports, are a way to track the status of your project's field conditions and the progress made on a daily basis. Expenses, employee timesheets, equipment usage, work performed, site conditions, safety issues and extra work performed are tracked within a progress report.


  1. The project's main project contract must be executed in order to create a progress report. The schedule of values will be populated as phases /tasks within the progress report entry.

  2. The project schedule should be created prior to creating progress reports. Phases and tasks listed within the project's schedule will be used within the progress report. Phases are pulled out from last week to the next week according to the selected report date. Therefore, any progress reports created during a time period of a project that has no active phases or tasks occurring will not be tied to the projects schedule.

  3. Configure the project settings for Progress Reports:


  1. Select the project from the projects list

  2. Navigate to the Progress Report module from the project menu

  3. Click the Add New Progress Report or ➕ icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen to create report:

4. Enter Progress Report General Information

  • Report Date: enter the date of the report

  • Prepared by: the name of the creator of the report will be populated

  • Status: new reports are listed as 'draft' until the report is created

5. Enter Phase / Task Progress % Completed

The project phase or task entered within the project contract will be referenced within the progress report's Phases section. The % entered will later be reflected on the project's Overall Budget Burndown.

6. Enter Additional Expenses (if-applicable):

  • Item Description: name the expense item

  • Phase / Task: select the phase or task that the expense was used for

  • Category: identify the type of expense(s) being entered

  • Reimbursable: if the expense entered is a reimbursable expense, check the box

  • Cost: enter the $ amount of the expense

  • Submitted By: the creator of the progress report will be listed, this can be changed to any project team member

  • Receipts: attach any receipts connected to the expense(s

7. Enter Equipment Usage

Equipment usage is populated from your workspace Equipment list. Add or remove any heavy equipment used on the project site and adjust rental rates there.

  • Select the Phase / Task the equipment was used on (if-applicable)

  • Verify the rental rate and unit of the equipment used

  • Enter the quantity of the equipment's use. The rental price will calculate the total cost of that specific equipment selected.

8. Enter text describing the Work Performed Today
Type in a brief detail describing the work performed for that day.

9. Attach Job Site Photos (if-applicable)

10. Enter description of any Extra Work Performed

If any text is entered within this field, then the progress report will be labeled as having extra work performed and allow there to be a change order to be created in the future. The project manager assigned to the project will be notified of the extra work performed.

11. Enter description of Safety Issue (if-applicable)

12. Add any Internal Notes you wish for your internal project team to see

13. Click Create when all applicable fields are entered

If your client is collaborating on-system, click Submit > click Yes to verify submission.

The progress report will be statused as Pending Approval if your client is on-system and using an INGENIOUS.BUILD account to collaborate with you. They will receive your progress report submission and have the ability to accept or reject it and give reason.


If the progress report was created for a project that is not connected digitally to your client (local project), then you will have the ability to change the status of the report yourself.

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