1. Select the project from the project list that you wish to add funding sources to

  2. Click the Project Navigation dropdown menu > select Project Settings

  3. Click Funding Sources tab to access the project details

  4. Click Create New Funding Source

  5. Enter funding details:

  • Select Provider, and indicate whether they are an On System (Connection / Invite) or Off System. This will affect the options for the next field.

  • Select Funding Company:

    Connection / Invite: Connect to an existing INGENIOUS.BUILD user with an account, or send an invite to your client / investor to sign up and create their own INGENIOUS.BUILD account to share funding sources data on-system

    Off System: Select the name of your client’s / investor's company and project contact without sending an invite or connection for the client to join the project thru an INGENIOUS.BUILD connection

  • Contact Person: enter name of contact representing the funding source(s). Note that you can change this contact at any time throughout the project.

  • Funding Method:
    -Select Project Specific if the funding source is only associated to this project


-Select Capital Fund if the funding source is tied to larger capital or a program fund. This will allow you to use the funding source again for another project tied to the same owner/client/program. The amount of money left within the Capital fund will be directly affected by the project budget.

  • Funding Source Name: enter the name you wish to associate the funding source with (ex: Client, construction loan, equity...etc)

  • Account Number: enter the funding source account number if-applicable

  • Unallocated Funds (if-applicable): enter the amount of money the Capital Fund has left over that is not allocated to this project's fund. This unallocated $ amount will be available as a Capital Fund for a later project that is connected to the program.

  • Allocation to Project:
    - enter the lump sum $ amount that this source will have allocated to the project
    - click the calculator icon to build out the details of the funding source:

  • My Files: upload any back-up documents for this funding source

6. Click Save. The funding source will be listed with the details of the latest status of funding source.

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