Configure Project Settings: Pay Apps

Setup your project's billing periods and add pay application documents to the project settings.

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  1. Select the project from the project list

  2. Click the Project Navigation dropdown menu > select Project Settings tab

  3. Click Pay Apps tab to access the project's pay application settings

Configuring Default Billing Periods

The following dates are how you wish to configure your monthly pay application packages for your vendors and your invoices to your Client. Client Billing Period is specified by your Client, if they are on-system.

  • Start / End Date: the period for which the invoice will be based off of

  • Billing Period Open Date: this is when the vendor (or you) can start filing out the invoice for submission

  • Due Date: this is when the vendor (or you) must submit the invoice by. Our system currently does not prevent submission after this date, however it is up to you to reject any invoices that come in after this date.

Note: Within the Project Pay Application package, the billing period will automatically generate based on the settings you have entered above. These dates can always be overwritten when creating the pay application package.

Set Email Reminders for Billing

Slide to On to have an automated email notification sent to your vendors for them to submit invoices to you for the selected project.

  • Frequency: how often you wish for the automated notification to be sent out. This will end when the vendor submits the invoice to you on-system.

  • Custom Email Message: enter a customized email message that will be shown to any vendor that has not submitted their invoice request up to your company. Only on-system subcontractors/vendors will receive this notification.

Notify Subcontractors when Invoices are Approved

Select this to send an automated email notification to your subcontractors/vendors when their invoices has been approved. Only on-system subcontractors/vendors will receive this notification.

Configuring Invoice Documents

Add a document template that your vendors are to download and send back to you filled out with the information your company needs to complete the invoicing process.

Add Documents to your project's Pay Application settings. You can indicate whether this template / document is required for Invoice Submission, or required for Invoice Approval.

Click View Pay-App Package to access the Project Pay Applications and begin adding invoices.

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