To populate the Project Schedule, the following steps must be completed within Ingenious for your project:

  1. Create a Project Contract: your Main Contract with your client is automatically created in draft status at the creation of the project.

  2. Enter Phases & Tasks to define the quoted items of the Contract

  3. Execute the contract

    -Once a contract is executed, it will appear on the Project's Schedule. From there you will be able to manage the schedule's tasks and milestones for each executed contract's quoted item.

  4. Adjust the quoted item dates/duration on the Schedule

  5. Add additional Tasks & Milestones to quoted items on the Schedule where applicable.

Managing the Schedule

  1. Select a project by navigating to the left-hand navigation > click Projects > select Project

  2. From the project drop down menu > select Schedule:

3. The gantt chart will appear with the schedule representing the executed Project Contract's Quoted Items and the listed Schedule of Values.

4. Choose an action to take for the project schedule:

  • Gantt: use this for scheduling / managing phases of the project that were generated during either the proposal or contract creation:

  • Milestones: Milestones are generated either on the Gantt tab or by adding a Task > Milestone as a way to track significant events within your Construction schedule. You also have the option of creating a milestone, by clicking on the orange "♢" button next to the phase of the project > click the orange "♢" button

  • Stages: this is generated from the Tasks created on the Gantt tab as a way to view the status of each task that is created for the project. Additionally, these tasks are created within the Tasks module within the project menu dropdown

  • Pull Planning: this is a two-week look ahead for your project schedule's Tasks

Adding Phases to the Schedule

On the schedule home page, you have the option of adding a task, by clicking on the purple "" button next to the phase of the project > click the purple "+" button:

  1. Click the 🔽 icon next to the name of the phase to expand it

  2. Click the ➕ icon to the right of the nested phase to add a task:

3. Click the 🔶 icon to add milestones to the schedule

Importing New Schedules

You have the ability add a new schedule from Microsft Projects as a .ppp file type. This schedule can be shown overlapping your existing schedule or on its own.

  1. Click Import

  2. Click ➕ MS Project

  3. Enter a Schedule Name: this name will be used to identify the schedule from the list of imported schedules

  4. Select .mpp file from local file storage on your computer

  5. Click Import

The new schedule will now be listed within the Schedules view.

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