1. Select the project

  2. Navigate to Expenses within the project menu dropdown

  3. Click Add Expense on the upper right-hand corner

  4. Enter expense details and attached files (if applicable):

  • Expense Name: give a title to the expense

  • Employee Name: choose the employee who will need reimbursement

  • Vendor: if you need to name the vendor for the expense, enter it here. Non-contracted vendors can have invoices entered within a Non-Contracted vendor invoice.

  • RFP or Project: select the project that the expense is getting charged to

  • Client: The Client for the chosen Project above will be listed here

  • Category: select the type of expense that is being entered:

*Mileage Expenses*: the reimbursement rate for mileage expenses is set within Company Settings' Preferences tab.

  • Notes: enter details about the expense; whoever is the admin for your company's workspace will be able to reference this entry

  • Status: Select the status of the expense:

  • Initially paid by: if this is not a personal expense, select the company.

  • Date of Expenses: choose the date of the transaction

  • Files/Attachments: upload any receipts or files that are backup documents to the expense

5. Click Save

Note: All approved expenses will be charged against the project budget within the expenses category. Also, all expenses for your company will be listed within the Accounting tab > Expense on the left-hand navigation for your Admin and Project Executives to access.

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