Any vendor using the Ingenious platform that you are contracted with has the ability to send you a change order digitally. The following steps will show you the process of receiving and managing the approval process of those change orders on-system.


Reviewing Received Change Orders

  1. Select the project you are working on

  2. Navigate to the Change Orders tab within the project menu

  3. Within the Received Change Orders tab, click View All

4. All Received Change Orders that have not had any action taken on them will be in the status of “Pending”

5. When you click into the Pending Change Order you will be prompted with 3 options

a. Approve (Pending Contract amendment): This will tentatively approve the Change Order pending submission of an amendment to the original contract. The status will become 'Pending Contract Amendment' and you will be able to start the contract amendment exchange process. The vendor will be notified that the status of their Change Order has been changed if the vendor is on IngeniosIO.

b. Revise and Resubmit: This will prompt you with a text box to provide a reason for revision and provide direction to the vendor. The Change Order will be sent back to the vendor for them to make adjustments and resubmit back to you.

c. Reject: This will prompt you with a text box to provide a reason for rejecting this Received Change Order. The reason for rejection will be shown on the Details tab of the Change Order and will also be recorded in the Change Order Timeline. Rejecting the Change Order will close this submission and prevent vendor resubmission on this Change Order. To allow vendor resubmission you should exit and select 'Revise & Resubmit' instead.

6. If you chose to Approve (Pending Contract amendment) You will then be prompted to Start the Contract Amendment Exchange.

By clicking “Start Contract Amendment Exchange” you will be prompted to either request the contract amendment from the vendor, or upload an amendment to the original contract that is representative of the Received Change Order. After uploading the document you can either ‘Send’ an unsigned contract amendment, ‘Sign and Send’ which will let the system know that your signature is on the contract amendment and you are waiting for your vendor to sign it as well, or you can ‘Execute’ the contract amendment which will let the system know that you are uploading a document that both parties have signed. Executing the contract amendment will update the overall contract value to include the value of the Change Order, and the Change Order can now be billed against in the “Invoicing and Pay Applications” module.

Entering Received Change Orders

If your vendor is not using the IngeniousIO platform, you have the ability to enter change orders on their behalf. To enter vendor change orders, follow the steps listed here: Create a Vendor Change Order.

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