Project Directory

  • On Monday morning (08/31) when you logged in, you may have noticed that your project directory was reset. There was an update to the interface and functionality that improved the ability to effectively identify and communicate with your project team. To easily recover your project’s directory, simply navigate to the Project Directory module for the project and click Create Project Directory. This action will populate the names of the companies that are contracted with your company. Also, when you create a new project and name your client, they will appear on the project directory automatically.

    Please refer to the Help Article, Project Directory, for more details.


  • Answer & Send Actions (ArchIO): Within ArchIO, you now have the ability to answer and send solutions proposed within RFIs

  • External Reviewers: You can now save the RFI and invite an external reviewer, enabling that individual to accept the invitation via email

Company Cost Codes

  • Change Orders: Cost codes are now pulling correctly when performing a change order


  • Required Timesheets: By providing an employee account with a start date and checking required timesheets you can now require entry for working days. Our helpful reminder slide-out can help make sure your team is inputting time when it’s fresh in their heads!


  • Business Unit: You can now select the appropriate business unit in your company within edit mode in project settings

  • Project Settings > Project Information: Now when you insert your sector or industry in an empty field within project settings, the detailed view (e.g. in edit mode or in bid packages) now reveals the selected field

Company Settings

  • Functionality Improvement - Cost Codes: We improved our cost code validation measures to prevent duplicate cost codes being created


  • Company Settings - Timesheet and Payroll Settings - Payroll Tab the frequency, "Desired Start Date" is changed to "Initial Pay Date". This Initial Pay Date will be what the Payroll Frequency refers to for generating the future pay dates.

Proposals (OwnerIO)

  • New Proposals: We have removed the “Create New Proposal” button on the left navigation pane for the OwnerIO workspace. Instead you will create a new project in feasibility mode without a contract.

Project Pay Applications

  • Timeline & Invoices: You can now access timelines for pay-applications and edit invoices

  • Invoices: The ability to export non-contracted invoices within project pay applications has been taken away until the feature is more refined

  • Application Package: When you click the actions button to submit the applications package for funding and export to PDF, the PDF document automatically populates with a description of the desired party


  • PDF Export: bugs in the PDF export have been corrected

  • Uncommitted Client: When you have a client uncommitted cost and a pending change order, the total uncommitted cost will now calculate correctly

Accounting Billing Reports

  • Invoices: When you add a new invoice within the new pay applications, it now directs you to the “add a new invoice” feature within pay applications

Change Orders

  • Budget: With the new budget API, the cost code relationship was reconfigured from change orders to the budget, enabling more precise data and information flow from change orders to the budget

  • Displayed Contacts: For off-system change orders or a manual change orders, the contact associated with the change order will now be displayed

  • Notifications: You will now receive email notifications and in-app notifications regarding change orders


  • When generating a proposal as a response to an On-System RFP, the proposal details entered by the higher party will now automatically populate to the bidder’s proposal details.


  • Schedule & Planning: details entered into the schedule and planning tabs of a proposal now migrates into the schedule within the project if the proposal is executed

Onboarding Dashboard

  • We have rolled out a helpful and optional onboarding dashboard to help guide you through profile setup and getting familiar with the platform. This is great for first time users that you have invited to the platform. To hide the dashboard, click Close Dashboard in the upper right corner.

Required Timesheets

  • To ensure employees enter their timesheets on a daily basis, we have created the ability to require timesheet entries for your employees. To activate this setting for an employee(s), do the following (must have Admin account type to make edits):

    1. Select the employee profile

2. Edit the employee profile to turn on ‘Required Timesheet’ within the Details tab

3. Within the HR tab of the employee’s profile, enter a ‘Start Date’ for that employee

4. Save edits

Upon logging in, the employee will be prompted to update their timesheets if they have not entered time for a day preceding today's date. All timesheet entries will populate to the Pending Approval module located within the Timesheet’s dropdown menu on the left hand navigation.

Main Workspace Dashboard

  • Resource Planning: If you're a schedulable employee and have not yet been assigned to any projects yet, your dashboard will now state “your account has not been staffed to any projects yet.” If you are a schedulable employee and have been assigned to projects, the resource planning snapshot on the main dashboard will appear very similar to the resource planning module, but only present projects within scope.

  • Recent Projects: When you open your project list within the main dashboard, the most recently opened projects will appear at the top of the list.

Project Dashboard (OwnerIO and RepIO)

  • General improvements have been made to the project dashboard to improve the functionality and interface


  • Revise and Resubmit: You can now have your vendors revise and resubmit invoices by clicking Actions on an invoice sent up to you on-system by your contracted vendor.


  • When you send an invitation to either an internal or external contact to create an IngeniousIO account, we have increased security within the invitation to only have the recipient of the invite be able to access the link to create their account.

Morning Reports (SubIO)

  • Documents: When you save after uploading a document, the saved documents will be located within the desired folder as opposed to creating a new folder for each document


  • Imports: Microsoft Projects file import bugs have been corrected

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