Bid Packages > Quoted Items: vendors that have received an RFP from you have the ability to add additional or proposed quoted items. The sender of the RFp will then have the ability to accept the quoted item and send this new quoted item to other bidders within the Bid Package.

Bid Packages > Bid Actions:

-the bid cards of all bidders including those not contracted, will now have the Bid Actions button available to allow viewing of old bids.

-vendor/sub contracts executed through bid actions will now populate correctly to your budget burndown

Bid Packages > Q&A:

-for bidders that have included multiple attachments to a Q&A line, you will now see a break out of the attachments within the Q&A view of the Bid Cards.

Budget Burndown: for projects that do not have an executed contract, the budget burndown will now notify you that you need to execute the main project contract.

List & Templates > Cost Codes

  • we have consolidated cost codes and Q&A templates into one place, List & Templates, which is now located within the left tab as its own module.

  • project cost codes in List & Templates have had bug fixes

  • all account types that are not admin or project executive now have view-only access for List & Templates.

  • -we have added default (out-of-the-box) Bid Quoted Items for all workspaces except SubIO. These quoted items can be used when creating bid packages as a way to have your bidders give pricing to the quoted items you choose within the bid package. Each list can be assigned to an RFP type as well. The list name is labeled as Read-Only within the Bid Quoted Items tab. To remove any bid quoted items list from your workspace, your workspace Admin can archive them.


-bug in saving the pay-apps settings within the project settings module has been resolved

Project Budget Export:

-exporting the project budget to PDF is now based on the Gross, Rentable or Useable sq. ft for the project. These values are entered within the project settings. By selecting the area type when exporting to PDF, the project budget will compare costs to the selected square footage amount.

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