Funding Source:

  • Feature Improvement - Calculations: An in-app calculator has been added to Project Settings - Funding Sources so you can better calculate and allocate funding sources on your project.


  • New Feature - Budget Task Slide Out : An onboarding slide out has been added to the Budget tool to aid you in configuring your project budget and getting your project started.

  • New Feature - Company Settings Slide Out: An onboarding slide out has been added to help system administrator’s configure the minimum platform requirements for IngeniousIO (e.g. company information, timesheets, payroll, projects, meeting minute categories, and cost codes).

  • User-Interface Improvement - Dashboard: The onboarding dashboard is now fully-functional depending on your account type (e.g. project executives and all other account types).

Change Orders

  • Feature Improvement - Off-System Contacts: When you create a manual change order, your off-system contacts will now appear in the appropriate fields.

Company Settings

  • General Improvement - Company Information: International phone numbers are now compatible with IngeniousIO.

All Applications

  • General Improvement - Contacts: Timestamps are now added to notes saved on contacts.

  • Notification Improvement - Contacts: Upon creating or inviting a duplicate contact, you will now receive a warning, indicating there might be a duplicate contact within your workspace if the first name, last name, and email match an existing contact on file.

Morning Reports (SubIO)

  • User-Interface Improvement: Updates have been made to the user-interface to make morning reports more intuitive within the SubIO module.

Project Contracts

  • New Feature - Feasibility Mode: Prior to a contract being executed for an on-system vendor, you now have the ability to initiate a project on their behalf. This places the vendor’s project in a status of feasibility with a pending contract.

  • New Feature - Add Manual Contracts: Within project contracts, you now have the ability to add an off-system contract for a vendor. You now have an option of on-systeem and off-system collaboration on contracts. Please refer to the screenshot below:

Company Settings

  • Refined Feature - Cost Codes: You now have the ability to import your cost codes into company settings (reference help article: How to Add Company Cost Codes)

Pay Applications

  • General Improvement - Non-Contracted Invoices: Within pay applications, a non-contracted invoice will populate to the budget/ACR when it has a status of “approved and paid.”

Cost Codes

  • Design Improvements: Upgrades have been implemented to make the user-interface and design of cost codes more intuitive within Lists & Templates

Master Project Budget / ACR

  • User-Interface Improvements - Current Budget: When building out the budget and clicking into a cost code to add a value, we now display the current budget in the upper right-hand corner of the model for your reference

  • Feature Improvements: The master project budget user interface has been improved with an extensive set of changes to improve your experience, including the option to insert notes when approving the budget, see below for an example:

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