New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

All Applications (1) - Onboarding slide-outs: New to IngeniousIO? The Ingenious team is very excited to introduce you to our onboarding slide-outs that will help walk you through the platform. When you open the onboarding slide-out, you’ll be prompted to complete tasks that help you execute the work you need on the platform. These helpful tasks have been added to bid packages, budget, project set-up, company set-up, meeting minutes, change-orders, proposals, and contracts.

The Ingenious team is very excited to release this new feature, since it empowers you to self-learn critical features and yet be conscious of how many remaining tasks are remaining to be informed of specific processes within the platform (refer to visual below for an example).

All Applications - Bid Request: Within bid packages on a bid card, there are additional tooltips available to help guide you through the big package process. This includes alternates being selected on or off, marks for revision, and the revise and resubmit history being tracked within the discussions tab for the bidder in a bid package.

All Applications - Change Orders: Selecting a quoted item is now required when creating a change-order. This allows information from quoted items to flow through to the contract, allowing you to keep your Budget / ACR and commitments up to date.

Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

All Applications - Add New RFP: We added the ability to insert “location” and “business unit” fields as part of the information transmission process. This allows your team to better filter project and performance information based on location or business unit.

All Applications - Contracts: We implemented updates within the contracts module such as new text, the removal of unnecessary buttons. Additionally, you now have the ability to create a manual change-order and change-order request directly from the contract. This empowers you to manage correspondence and change requests with users who aren’t on IngeniousIO.

All Applications - Tasks: You now have the ability to “lock” and “unlock” tasks from edit mode. Additionally, we’ve added tooltips to help you and your colleagues understand the value and benefits of locking and unlocking tasks. This allows you to have better control over the tasks you are managing and help you ensure that each task is being completed and reviewed.

All Applications - Change Orders: We’ve made updates to the verbiage used within change orders, added tooltips to explain the nature of certain data fields, tooltips, and improved the user-interface to make it more visually appealing.

User-Interface Upgrades (😍 Ooh La La!):

All Applications - Contracts: We’ve updated contract verbiage to be more user-friendly.

All Applications - Contracts - Review Updates: We’ve made text updates and improvements to the user-interface (removal of specific buttons). Additionally, you now have the ability to create a manual change-order as well as change-order request directly from the contract. This allows you to access change management tasks directly from the contracts screen rather than having to navigate through the platform.

All Applications - Project Settings: The edit button is now viewable in the top right-hand corner of the project settings tabs as opposed to making you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Bug-Fixes (💥 SQUASH!):

  • All Applications - Date Picker: the calendar was previously loading incorrectly and then corrected itself after you selected a date (upon first-use or refreshing page). Now the calendar displays the correct date per your selection after first-use and refreshing the page.

  • All Applications - Project Photos: There was previously an error when uploading photos to your project. You can now upload photos to your project without an error message appearing.

  • All Applications - Employees (HR): There were numerous employee HR-related fields (e.g. insurance cost, 401k contributions, additional expenses) that were not visible from the main employee window, only within edit mode. You can now view all of the previously mentioned HR-related fields prior to editing.

  • All Applications - Tasks: When attempting to filter projects by specific project criteria, the results were not based on the selected criteria. You can now filter projects by the selected criteria.

  • All Applications - Change Orders: When adding a new contact within change orders, an error message would appear upon hitting the “save” button. Now when you add a new contact within change orders, you can now save without an error message.

  • All Applications - Progress Report: An error message would appear upon uploading files within progress reports. You can now upload files within progress reports without an unfounded error notification popping-up on screen.

  • All Applications - Account Registration: When you invite an new external user and they’re in the process of creating a new workspace, they previously could not proceed past the “You’re almost done!” notification. New users can now create a new workspace, without an error message popping-up.

  • All Applications - Project Milestones: When you create a project milestone, the start-date and end-date are equal so there are no longer any errors on the milestone report.

  • Owner, Rep, and GCIO - Budget / ACR Total Uncommitted Cost: Within a pending non-contracted cost, the total uncommitted cost for the client’s balance of the budget is now carried to the clients line in the total uncommitted cost.

  • All Applications - Resource Planning: The total calculated hours per day allocated to any one individual within resource planning is now calculating correctly.

  • All Applications - Onboarding Validation - Company Settings: When inserting your office phone number within company settings during the onboarding process, an error message will no longer appear upon saving.

  • All Applications - Employee Account Type: When editing your employees within the employee module, an error banner will no longer appear at the top of your screen when you proceed to change their account type and save.

  • All Applications - RFPs: When adding an RFP, the appropriate window will now pop-up for you to construct an RFP.

  • All Applications - Project Address: When the user bids out a bid package to the vendor and that vendor wants to contract a sub-vendor, the project address will now carry all the way down; thereby, preventing the location of the project state and country to be changed or deleted.

  • All Applications - RFI Documents: When a sub contractor sends an RFI to a GC and the GC answers with attachments, the sub contractor can now view attached files within the RFI details.

  • All Applications - Project Settings: The data presented within “Area” in project settings is now accurate

  • All Applications - URL Redirect: When a user is logged out, IO urls will bring the user to the login screen rather than failing to load.

  • All Applications - Pay Apps: If there was an invoice with a non-contracted invoice within the package and you attempted to export to PDF, you received an error message. You can now export invoices with a non-contracted invoice to PDF without error.

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IngeniousIO Customer Success Team

(1). All Applications: Refers to all workspaces (Owner, Owner Rep, Arch, GC, Sub)

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