Add an invoice for a vendor or service you do not have a contract with (Utilities, Internet, misc charges...etc.). Only vendors that do not have a contract for the selected project can be named as a non-contracted vendor.


  1. Navigate to the Project Pay Applications tab for the selected project > click All Invoices > click Add Invoice

2. Select the Invoice Type: Non-Contracted Invoice > click Save
This invoice is for any vendor or service your company does not have a contract with for the selected project (utilities, internet, misc. charges..etc.)

Add Invoice Details

  1. Enter the details of the vendor's invoice:

  • Company: select the company that the non-contracted invoice is for. Any company identified as being a Vendor in your company's contact list will appear as a vendor here. All contacts with the exception of Clients, will be listed here.

  • Invoice No.: enter the invoice number that your vendor has supplied to you on their invoice/check request. This will be a way for your company to easily identify any invoices from a specific vendor that matches their internal ID numbering.

  • Category: select which cost category the invoice is for

  • Invoice Date: enter the date that the invoice was created on

  • Due Date: select the date that the invoice is due for payment from the company holding the contract

  • Gross Invoice Value: enter amount of money the invoice will be for

  • Application Package: if you have setup an pay application package, you can place the invoice into the package that is still in draft mode and has not been submitted, approved or marked as paid

2. Click Next Step

If you are using the OwnerIO or RepIO workspace, you can choose to apply a funding source to the invoice at this time or click Skip to do this later:

Enter General Invoiceable Items

General invoiceable items are items that break down line by line the scope of services getting billed within the invoice.

  1. Click Add Row

  2. Enter the line item description

  3. Select the project budget cost code this invoice line item should be attached to

  4. Enter the quantity and unit costs of the line items. The Invoice Line Item Totals must equal the Invoice Value previously entered and located on the left hand pane:

Add Backup Documents from Vendor

  1. Click the Documents tab to the right of the General Invoiceable Items tab

  2. Click the Upload Files option to attach PDFs represent the vendors invoice. These attachments will now be stored into this invoice entry and available as an attachment within the pdf export from IngeniousIO.

Save the Invoice

  1. Click Actions > choose what action you would like to take on the invoice:

  • Save as Draft: select this if you plan to make potential edits to this invoice

  • Save as Pending: select this to mark the invoice as pending. This selection will allow you to later mark the invoice as Approved

  • Export to PDF: the will export the current state of the invoice to pdf that can be sent via email off-system. All documents added to the invoice will be included within the export as well.

2. Click Save as Pending
Saving as Pending will allow you to later approve the invoice as the next action.

Next Step

Approving Invoices

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