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Managing Received On-System Invoices
Managing Received On-System Invoices

Approve, request to revise and resubmit and mark vendor's on-system invoice submissions as paid

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An on-system invoice is when both parties of an executed Contract are using Ingenious to exchange Invoices.

The steps below will guide you through the actions you can take as the Client when receiving a pending invoice from your on-system vendor.


  1. Click on either the in-app notification or email notification for the pending invoice that your vendor has sent you. This link will take you to the pending invoice for the selected project


    Select the project from the project list and navigate to the Pay Applications tab

  2. Open the received on-system invoice and review the details of the invoice. The system will tell you which invoice line items have had charges/billings against them as either a % change or $ change within the lefthand column.

  3. While reviewing line items one by one, you can request a revision for any of the billed line items by clicking on the pencil and paper icon next to the percentage or dollar amount, then enter in the adjusted percentage or dollar amount along with a reason for revision. Then click Save.

    Note that if you adjust any of the line items, the only option you will have is to send it back to your vendor to Revise and Resubmit. Then, they can review your revisions and either accept, revise, or reject.

  4. Click Actions > choose an action to take on the invoice:

  • Approve: this will prompt you to apply a funding source (Owner and Rep workspaces). For all other workspaces, approving the invoice will not prompt you to select the funding source.

  • Revise and Resubmit: this will send the invoice back to your vendor for them to correct any issues you have called out on their original invoice to your company. They will be prompted to either agree with your adjustments or provide you with new adjustments for you to consider.

Once your vendor has re-submitted an invoice you will receive an email and in-app notification prompting you to review and ultimately accept the invoice.

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