Within an executed contract, you can re-allocate costs from their initially assigned cost codes to a new cost code (must exist within your Project Budget) by creating a $0 Change Order.

Example: If your vendor initially had allocated $10,000 for Windows, but there was a scope reduction within Windows and a scope addition within Doors. Within a Change Order you can add a line item for reducing the costs for Windows, and adding costs for Doors. See below for a step-by-step guide.


  1. Within the Project, navigate to Project Contracts module from the drop-down menu

  2. Select the Executed Vendor Contract

  3. Click Actions in the upper right corner > Click Add Manual Change Order

  4. Enter in Change Order details as you normally would.

  5. Configure the Change Order Cost Detail:

  • In the first quoted item line, select the quoted item and cost code you'd like to pull costs from. Enter this amount as a negative value:

  • Click Add Quoted Item below the first quoted item that was just created. If it is a new scope, you can specify that here. Then, enter the $ amount that will be reallocated to this new cost code. If the values equal each other, the Change Order Total should equal $0.00.

7. Once all files and details are entered click Actions > then set the appropriate status.

Once approved, the Approved Contract Changes (Column G) of the project budget will show the reallocation of the $ amount you entered on the change order from one cost code line to the other for that quoted item.

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