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What are Analytic Cost Codes?
What are Analytic Cost Codes?

Connect your project cost codes to a master analytic cost codes list for cost tracking across all project budgets

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What are Analytic Cost Codes?

Analytic Cost Codes are a way to connect your existing and historic project cost codes to a master analytic cost code list for cost tracking across all project budgets. The reporting mechanism/dashboard has yet to be fully developed but the ability to define ACCs is available now within the OwnerIO, RepIO and GCIO workspaces. See below for instructions on how to define your company's analytical cost codes.


  1. Navigate to Lists & Templates

  2. Click Analytic Cost Codes tab

  3. Click Actions > Add Code

  4. Enter the analytic cost code #, name and description:

5. Click Save or Save and Add Next to continue making entries

Connect Analytical Cost Codes to Project Cost Codes

Once entered, connect different project cost code list cost codes to analytical cost codes. Since each project cost code list is composed of similar or different cost codes, your company will benefit from identifying various cost codes that are the same across different project types.

1. Select the project cost code list form the Lists & Templates > Project Cost Codes page

2. Select a project cost code you'd like to connect to analytic cost codes by clicking the Edit icon

3. Select a Connected Analytic Cost Code

4. Click Save

In the future, your company will be able to run reports across all projects matching a certain portfolio type. An example of this report could highlight a summary of projects that used 3 specific cost codes. Within these cost codes the report would include costs per GSF, RSF, USF or overall SF of the projects. ETA on the reporting feature is Q2 of 2021.

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