New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

Active User Indicator - Tasks: When a user is online and within the task module, a green circle will appear next to their avatar, signaling that the user is active, online, and ready to collaborate. The following are potential status options of a user within the task module:

Green Dot = User has an account and is online
Yellow Dot = User has an account and is offline
Gray Dot = Off-system, no information shared through IO
Whole Avatar Gray and Halftone = User has been archived and no information is shared through IO

Change Orders : When the Client approves a change order and wants to perform a contract exchange, you now have the option to “request a contract.” When executed, this will send a request to the vendor to upload the contract amendment for this particular change order (this action does not require an uploaded document prior to sending).

Documents: The documents folder is where you'll be able to locate any files you've uploaded to the platform. Files will automatically be sorted and organized to the appropriate folders so you can always find them when needed.

When receiving files from another workspace, you may choose to 'sync' those files as well into your folders for your record. Files that you do not sync will not be added to your documents or count toward your data cap.

Onboarding Slide Out

Change Orders: A new onboarding slide out has been added to change orders. New users will be provided with simple instructions on how to complete a Change Order quickly as well as be directed to our help content for additional information.

Tasks: You now have the opportunity to complete project tasks within the onboarding slide-out as means of getting ramped-up within the platform quickly and easily (refer to the visual below as a reference).

Pay Apps Invoices: When a Pay Application is approved, notifications will be sent to your vendor, letting them know this process has been completed. Please note, your vendor will only be sent notifications “on-system” if they are using IngeniousIO.

Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

Bid Requests: Changes were made to the bids tab to improve verbiage. In addition to after you conduct a revise and resubmit we will now call-out anything that has been revised on the bid cards to increase visibility.

Budget / ACR: Estimate values should now automatically populate to the client line in pending contract changes.

Change Orders: The verbiage used within Change Orders was improved to enhance the interpretation of specific functions. Change Orders now have a Change Order ID that tracks Change Orders sequentially on Contracts. This will help track Change Orders when a Client and a Vendor may have different reference numbers for their own filing purposes. The Change Order ID is shared by both parties creating consistency between the two groups. The verbiage, tooltips, and UI was improved for change orders.

Contracts: Within a main contract (which is linked to My Change Order), when you click on the “action” button to create a manual change order, you will now be directed to My Change Order.

Lists & Templates: Improvements have been made to Analytic Cost Codes to avoid duplication of codes. Additionally, when you create a task within a project and attempt to click back to lists, you will now be directed back to project tasks.

Onboarding Slide Outs: There were text and link updates made to the onboarding slide outs.

Project Listing: The Project Listing page now appropriately sorts by users who are assigned to Projects as a Project Manager, rather than by their employee role type.

Project Meeting Minutes: When you add an off-system contact, the company will now auto-select from contact creation. As a result, you can more easily add others to meeting minutes.

Tasks: Tasks with the status of Under Review now populates when the list view filter is “Unfinished.” This enables the task owner to mark it complete and verify all of the indicated items were completed.

User-Interface Upgrades (😍 Ooh La La!):

Add Tasks: The “add task” function has been updated within project mode.

DesignIO: We have now renamed ArchIO to DesignIO (will remain with purple color-theme) to better serve the design community (architects, designers and engineers).

Pay Apps: The Pay Application tool has been improved to provide the user with better feedback when completing a Pay Application. This includes some improvements to how invoice details and totals are provided and calculated and additional validations that will make completing this task easier for the user.

Bug-Fixes (💥 SQUASH!):

Bid Package: When creating a new bid package, there are no longer a given set of drawings that automatically populate.

Budge / ACR: When adjusting the budget within the Budget / ACR module, the “(+)” now properly functions to add an adjustment.

Change Orders: When editing a change order request, specifically the estimate unit of measure, the “percentage of” field now correctly calculates. When executing a Change Order, the status will correctly state, “Draft.” Additionally, you can now execute a change order after editing and properly save a Change Order by clicking the “save” button.

Company Settings: When performing company settings tasks within the onboarding slide out, you can now add your company phone number and save without an error message occurring.

Contracts: When adding a manual contract on-system within Contracts and you click on “save and execute contract,” the company name now automatically populates.

Employees: When you navigate to Employees and attempt to change an employees account type and save, you will no longer receive a banner indicating that “this email is already used” and the changes cannot be saved.

Funding Sources: You can now add a new funding source and properly save by clicking the “save button.”

Funding Sources: The field options to contact the funding source name within project settings has now been aligned on the main page. Also, you can now edit an existing value via the in-app calculator within funding sources without error.

IO URL: When you navigate to an IngeniousIO URL when logged out, you will no longer experience the “infinite spinner” and will be redirected to the log-in screen.

Lists & Templates: You can now edit existing project cost codes and quoted items and click “save” without error. Additionally, you can now edit an existing project cost code and quoted item and properly save through clicking the “save” button.

Meeting Minutes: When adding a new company within Meeting Minutes, the notification slides out as opposed to appearing within the modal.

Onboarding Slide Out: The links included within the meeting minutes slide out, now correctly link you to the proper help article content.

Pay Applications: When creating your first package in Pay Application and editing the date range of the package, the contracted vendors are now correctly populating. Additionally, you can now export to PDF an application package within Pay Applications that includes a contracted invoice without an error occurring.

PDF Annotations: PDF annotations now properly share between workspaces.

Project Dashboard: Client logos are now properly populating to the main dashboard and project dashboard.

Project Documents: There are no longer more than one folder called, “Pay Apps,” within the projects module.

Projects - Morning Reports: When accessing Morning Reports through a project and creating a new report, you will now see the morning report creation.

Project Settings: The project information within Project Settings (specifically, “area”), now properly displays.

Project Wizard: When you start the project wizard and create a new account (per colleague invitation), the invited user becomes a contact within Contacts and the “add by” field is being presented.

Registration: An endless spinner notification no longer appears when creating an Owners Rep workspace after entering in credit card information.

Resource Planning: When creating your schedule, you no longer have duplicate projects appear within Resource Planning.

RFI: When a subcontractor sends an RFI to a general contractor and the general contractor responds with attachments; the subcontractor is now able to view the attachments within RFI details.

RFPs: When attempting to add a new RFP, users can now click the “Add New RFP” button and a new RFP will correctly populate. Additionally, when creating a project through an on-system RFP and the project is started from the contract, the country will now be properly saved.

Submittals: When creating a new submittal, the load submittal creation screen will now appear.

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