New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

New Currencies: Currencies for South America, Central America, North America, and Europe (only Euro and Polish Zloty for the moment) have been added to IngeniousIO. Navigate to Company Settings to configure your default currency for your workspace. Have a project that doesn’t match your Company’s default setting? Navigate to Project Settings and select a currency to override the default currency for that project. Please note: the ability to convert currencies within the platform is not yet available.

Project Directory: OpenCA and OpenCA+ workspaces now have access to the project directory module. This enables OpenCA and OpenCA+ users the ability to build and maintain a list of all companies and contacts of those companies that participate on a project from day one through closeout.

New Reports: Our new PDF report export feature now has the ability to present data in an easy to read, concise, modern, formatted report. See below for same reports available for specific workspace types:

  • Master Project Budget / ACR (Only for OwnerIO, RepIO, and GCIO Accounts)

  • Budget Summary: A cost summary and a price per square foot or square meter for the budget of the project, displayed by the cost code categories and individual cost codes.

  • Budget detail: A cost summary of the budget by the category and cost code. This will display a detailed breakdown of the quantity, unit and unit price to calculate the budget for the cost code.

  • ACR summary: A summary of the anticipated cost displayed by the cost code categories and the cost codes.

  • ACR detail: A detailed display of the anticipated cost displayed by each contract, executed and pending change orders and unallocated funds associated with each cost code.

  • Contract Reports (Available for All Applications)

  • Contract Summary Report: This is a synopsis of all actions for a contract including approved, pending and rejected change orders as well as a record of all invoices on a contract.

  • Change Order Report by Type: This report breaks down all change orders received for a specific vendor organized first by status then by change order type.

  • Change Order Report by Vendor ID: This report shows all received change orders for a specific vendor ordered by the vendor’s identification number for that change order.

  • Tasks (Only for OwnerIO, RepIO, and GCIO Accounts)

  • Open Tasks by Due Date: This report organizes all tasks across all projects first by Task type, then by due date.

  • Open Tasks by Project: This report organizes all tasks across all projects first by project name, then by Task type and priority.

Foreman Account Type - Permission (SubIO): Based on customer feedback, we’ve added a preference setting at the company level to turn off the Foreman account type from having access to viewing project financials. This setting will block users with the foreman account type access to the modules within the project Budget Burndown, Proposal Preview, Contracts, Change Orders, Bid Packages, and Expenses. Click here for more details.

Workflow Enhancements (🙌 Yay Efficiency!):

Project Contracts: Documents uploaded to your project contract now appear separately via different tabs so that the contract files are separated from any other reference files. Due to the file uploader and the constant correspondence between parties, we separated the contract exchange and the final contract document to other attachments that come from the bid or proposal or exhibits.

Submittals: The on-system exchange of Submittals is now live on IngeniousIO. Your team can create submittals and send them to connected parties for submittal review and acceptance on your workspace.

Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

ArchIO to DesignIO: We’ve renamed our “ArchIO” workspace to “DesignIO.” General text improvements have been applied to the new DesignIO workspace to make it more relevant to design teams. An example is when selecting a colleague to join the DesignIO workspace, you’ll be selecting someone from the design team.

Bid Packages: A new option has been added under bid cards to “View Bid.” When selecting this option, you will be brought to the Proposal submitted by the company which may include additional information regarding the Project Team, Similar Projects, and more. Be sure to use this option when leveling your Bids to learn more about the teams submitting for your project.

Change Orders: When your client approves the change order and clicks to do the contract exchange, we have added the option to “request contract.” This allows you to request the contract amendment from this specific vendor. In return, by clicking this button, it will send a request to the vendor to upload the contract amendment for this change order (this doesn’t require an uploaded document prior to sending). Additionally, change order ID’s will now have two ID’s for internal tracking and a shared ID that’s the same for everyone.

Company Imports: Company imports during workspace configuration now allow for international addresses.

Company Settings: We’ve now added all time zones settings for each office location. Time Zones can be configured in your location settings under Company Settings.

Documents: Enhancements have been made to the process of uploading documents to expenses, submittals, and ensuring uploaders are optimally operating.

In-App Notification: When processing a change order, a new in-app notification is sent for when a client requests that a vendor provide the contract amendment.

PayApps: Within invoice details, we’ve now included a visual progress bar at the top of an invoice package to portray the process of approval status.

Project Dashboard (OwnIO and RepIO Only): Selecting a milestone from your Project Dashboard will bring you to the Milestones view under Project Schedule.

Project listing: The filter by Project Manager will now select the project manager that has been assigned to the Project under the Project Summary.

Project Schedules: When you import your MS project into the schedule module, the ID is displayed from the MS project file as the ID number in the system and on the milestone tab.

Proposal Preview: Files loaded into exhibits within the proposal preview are now viewable.

Security Improvements: After requesting to change your password, the web URL contained in the email notification expires after 24 hours.

User-Interface Upgrades (😍 Ooh La La!):

Bid Packages: The bid packages layout has been reorganized for general bid details and bid requests. This includes segmenting out project location, project schedule, bidding schedule with relevant detail.

Each cost code includes individual budgets. As a result, when bidding out to an outside 3rd party, you can view bidding by party and the option to view bidding by Q&A, fees, and budget (the default is view by fees). The new feature is to compare bidding by budget.

Budget ACR (OwnerIO, RepIO, and GCIO Only): After much customer demand, we’ve frozen the header row and left line item description columns on the Master Project Budget ACR for better referencing across the table.

PayApps: When adding an off-system vendor invoice, the gross invoice value entered in the pop-up window will now populate to the details section of the vendor invoice.

Within invoice packages, when approving for funding and pay for selected invoices, it will now provide you with a validation and guide you to select the appropriate invoices. Once you mark it as “paid,” the status of the package will update automatically.

Bug-Fixes (💥 SQUASH!):

Bid Package: When a new bid package is created, files that were previously uploaded to a deleted big package will no longer automatically reappear within the drawings tab.

Budget: When the budget is approved, the “+” button now correctly works to perform budget changes.

Change Order: When you save a change order, you’ll no longer experience an error message. Additionally, various improvements to the timeline, status, file uploader, and menu bar have been made.

Documents: Now when you share PDFs between workspaces, annotations are now visible to the desired parties. Additionally, within project documents, duplicate PayApps folders will no longer appear when assigning documents to a folder.

Funding Source: Now when you save a new funding source, you’ll no longer experience an error message.

Main Action Bar: The “Add Timesheet” action button has been added back to the main action bar at the top of the screen.

Safari Browser: Visibility issues when accessing IngeniousIO on Safari have been addressed.

Project Settings: the button to delete (e.g. “trash can”) within the funding detail in funding sources has been moved to the top of the window.

PayApps: Contracted vendors will now populate when you create a Pay Application on your project.

On PDF Exports of a Pay Application, change orders are no longer separated from the funding application summary.

Project Dashboard: Completed Project Milestones no longer appear on the Project Dashboard.

Issues where Client logos were not properly displaying have been fixed.

Project Expenses: The project expenses with a status of approved or paid now automatically populates to the budget burndown.

Project Settings: When selecting or changing the architect of record within the project directory, the architect of record will now properly display.

Project Wizard: When you start a project and an invited user creates an account with IngeniousIO and becomes a contact within Contacts, the “added by” field now properly displays.

Schedule: When importing MS projects to your schedule, the anticipated date now accurately displays on the milestones tab.

Tasks: Tasks with a status of, “Under Review,” will now populate when the list view filter is unfinished.

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IngeniousIO Customer Success Team

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