New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

Change Orders: You can now create a manual change order directly from a change order request entered on behalf of an off-system vendor contract. This allows you to include vendors that are both on and off-system within the same change order entry.

Exporting Contract/Change Order Details to PDF:

  • Exporting from the Project Contract Listing page: you can now export a summary of all contracts to PDF with the ‘Contract Summary PDF’ export option. This includes the vendor name, associated budget cost codes, approved and pending change orders, anticipated contract values, invoice history and who from your team prepared the contract.

  • Change Order Report By Type PDF Export

  • Exporting contract details per contract: select the contract, click Export and select how you want to view the PDF summary of the contract. Exporting by type allows you to see a summary of each quoted item that has changed in value for the given contract.

Payapps / Invoicing:

Within application packages, the date restrictions for the billing period (open date and due date) are no longer confined by the start and end of the package. This will allow you to place invoices within a pay application package that may have fallen outside of the package’s billing period.

All backup PDF files attached to an invoice within the Documents tab will be appended to the invoice pdf export. Additionally, these backup documents are sent up to your client when submitting an invoice for approval on-system.

User-Interface Upgrades (😍Ooh La La!):

Payapps: We’ve updated the tiles within all application packages to include the following additional information:

  • “Total Billed to Date” to “Total Billed Year to Date”

  • “Total This Period” to “Total Billed This Period”

  • “Total Net Invoices” to “Payments”

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

Budget ACR: Within the billing and payments area, the committed cost values now properly display. Additionally, when rejecting an existing budget change and you respond by rejecting the change, an error message will no longer appear. When your budget is over-committed, there is now an uncommitted line for the estimates from a change-order request.

Contracts: After starting a project in Feasibility Mode, a project invitation will be sent to your Vendor to start a project in their workspace. The Contract will remain in Draft movie so that you may edit the Contract details in collaboration with your Vendor prior to executing your Contract.

Project Directory: If you start a project from the Project Wizard and select your client as being off-system, once the project is started, that client company and contact person will correctly be shown in the “My Client” section of the project directory.

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