Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

Budget Changes

The following updates were made to the Owner, Rep and GCIO workspaces. DesignIO and SubIO workspaces will leverage the change order functionality to execute changes to the budget burndown.

  • After initiating an official budget change to your Master Project Budget/ ACR, IngeniousIO will now prompt you to select the type of budget change category that occurred, then the Reason for Change:

1.) Non-Contingency Reallocation:

-Budget Scope Gap or Backcharges

2.) Contingency Reallocation:

-Budget Scope Gap, Changes of Project Scope, Design Changes, Purchasing Buyout, Field Conditions, Schedule, Force Majure or 3rd Party Actions

3.) Project Scope Revision:

-Change of Project Scope

  • We’ve also added the ability to add attachments and included a calculator to perform calculations when entering $ amounts:

  • If you are overwriting a calculated budget change amount or revising a funding source amount, there will now be a validation for you to confirm that you are overwriting a previously calculated amount:


  • Quoted Items Templates: Upon loading a template within quoted items in manual contracts and adding a quoted item will query from the master list of the template you previously selected.

  • Add New Contract: You may now add a contract from the Contract listing screen. If you create a project through the wizard and then invite, you will have the ability to send or execute a contract.

  • Required Project Cost Codes: If no cost codes are selected on the quoted item, then an on-screen validation will occur in the form of the quoted item that doesn’t have a cost code selected will be highlighted. Additionally, we’ve updated the cost types within the SoV, added additional tool tips, and updated the UX/XUI.

Documents, Folders and Files

  • Shared with Me: when an external contact has shared a PDF with you on a project, the file will appear within a section titled “Shared With Me” within the left navigation Documents tab. Within the Shared with Me tab, the module where the file was uploaded will be what you select to access the shared documents (tasks, RFI’s, invoices, etc.).

  • PDF Preview: within a project, anywhere that PDF files have been attached or shared will now provide you with the ability to preview the file without having to download it. The PDF preview will open the attachment in a new tab.

  • Folder Creation and File Upload Permissions: We’ve updated the File Sync feature within company settings, which allows only administrative users to add a file or folder to the left-hand navigation documents.

  • Only Admin Can Create Folder: select ‘yes’ if you do not want non-admin users to have the ability to create new folders in the Documents tab at the company level. Non-Admin users would only be able to create new folders at the project level for projects they are assigned to.

  • Only Admin Can Upload File: select ‘yes’ if you do not want non-admin users to have the ability to add files to the Documents tab at the company level. Non-Admin users would only be able to add files at the project level for projects they are assigned to.

Note: a project manager account type only has the ability to view documents and not edit.

  • File Uploader: When you upload files in contracts, bid packages, payapps, change orders, and submittals, and send to other external companies or are shared to you from other external companies, the files will automatically be synced to their / your workspace. No manually syncing needed anymore.

Lists & Templates: Within all modules where you have the option to choose an existing template from a drop-down menu (e.g. contracts, bids, and budget line items), we default to not display the “master list.” IngeniousIO automatically creates a default template that contains all items that can be selected for a template. This update allows you to toggle this option on and off when selecting the template:

Pay Apps / Invoices

  • Deleting Invoices: you now have the ability to delete an invoice that has a “draft” status. However, invoices with a “paid” status cannot be deleted as marking an invoice to this status, posts the paid amounts to the project budget.

  • Non-Contracted Vendor Invoice PDFs: you can now export non-contracted invoices to PDF and any attachments will follow the PDF export functionality. For your project, go to Project Pay-Apps module, click “Add Invoice” within the All Invoices tab to create a Non-Contracted Vendor Invoice.

  • Invoice Filters: when searching invoices (“all invoices” and “my invoices”), we have added filters, so you can filter by date, type, vendor, status, and by payment status:

User-Interface Upgrades (😍Ooh La La!):

Notification Modals: On-system notification alerts have been improved across the following product features: project invites, discussions, and general notifications.

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

Bid Packages: We now allow only one bid to post to the budget ACR at a time. Previously, all bids were posted to the ACR at the same time. Additional updates were made to bid packages that includes upgrades to the scroll feature, email, and general UX/UI improvements.

Budget: The change order estimate from a change order request will no longer move from uncommitted to committed on the budget after a manual change order has been created from the change order request.

Budget ACR: Within your budget ACR, the columns “Gross Previous Applications” (column P), “Gross Current Applications”(column Q), and “Gross Total Completed & Stored Amount” (column S) are now properly populating invoices to change orders.

Change Orders

  • Manual change orders: now correctly presents the vendor’s name within the Vendor column. The new timeline and discussion tab now work properly and are visible prior to refreshing and saving.

  • Additional Scope Change Orders: bug in adding an additional quoted item (New Scope) to a change order has been corrected. Additionally, after executing a change order, the save button will now continue to appear and be made available.

  • Various updates were made to change orders, including text and UI/UX improvements and the project dashboard for outstanding change orders.

Contracts: Various text improvements and updates were made to the contracts feature.

CRM Stages: uppercase letters are now recognized in the title of custom CRM stages. To add custom CRM stages, have your workspace Administrator customize them within Company Settings.


  • Exporting Expenses to CSV: we have reinstated the ability to export expenses to CSV. To do this, select all the expenses that you wish to export, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Export to CSV.

  • Filters: you now have the ability to apply filters to expenses to optimize search functionality. Click the filter button in the upper right corner to do this.

  • Expenses by Project: the expense list view now correctly populates with all expenses for the respective project.

Exports to PDF: We have compressed document sizes to allow a more seamless process of sending documents.

File Uploader: Document actions are now included within view in the file uploader feature.

Funding Sources: Various improvements and updates have been made to funding sources.

Lists & Templates: Our out-of-the-box, Bid Quoted Items templates are now linked to the appropriate RFP type allowing you to quickly load them in for your next RFP.

My Contract: When creating an off-system contract, the client details within an off-system company are no longer available for edits.

PayApps: The invoice details within a pay application now correctly populate over to the export PDF summary details.

Project Directory

  • Within the onboarding slide out, the project directory setup will now state “completed,” when the specific task has been completed.

  • within a project’s directory, updates were made to when you are assigning contacts from a company name to only supply you with the names of contacts from the selected company.

Project Settings

  • Business Units: you can now properly select a business unit within project settings.

Updating Employee Emails

  • when an existing employee updates or changes their email address within the workspace, they will still be able to log in with the previously set password.

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