New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

Budget Change Report: When viewing the budget change history log from an approved Budget / ACR, you can now export the budget change history log to PDF. This includes the ability to create a customized report (PDF) based on specific criteria, which includes the following: status, reason for change, category, and cost code. This allows you to export your budget change history log to PDF so that it can be reviewed offline at meetings. Please note, all budget items are updated for the Owner Rep and GCIO workspaces (DesignIO and SubIO workspaces do have have access to this feature):

Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

RFP's: Upon navigating to the “Received RFPs” module on the left-hand menu bar, there’s now a default view of all RFP’s by the following headers: pending, local, digital, rejected, accepted, and withdrawn by client.


  • Starting Proposals from RFPs: you will now start proposals at the budget/fee of the proposal in “Quick Mode”. This budget/fee creation style will allow you to quickly enter lump sum values on a per quoted item basis. This is ideal for when you need to provide a quick summary of costs without disclosing too much detail. All proposals created in your workspace can be exported to PDF for the purpose of sharing with your potential client who is off-system. Be sure to take a look at our optional steps to create an even more compelling proposal!

  • Proposal Navigation: We now have an updated default view among the main headers within the feature that now include budget/fee, Q&A, and exhibits. You can also add tasks and phases and propose a quoted item.

  • Full Mode Proposals: A new Full-Mode validation has been created that requires all phases to have a quoted item selected before submitting a proposal.

  • Attaching Bids to your Proposal: You can now attach or create new bid packages as lines within your proposal’s quoted items. Additionally, the ability to mark-up your bidder’s proposal is available within the phases of the quoted item.

Bid Packages

  • Internal Estimates: We have created a new “internal estimate” feature within bid packages, that enables you to create your own internal estimate in response to the bid criteria within the bid package. This internal estimate will be locked as the first card when viewing bid responses. This allows you to compare any vendor bid to the internal estimate to better understand the source of any variance.

  • Disqualifying Bidders: prior to awarding bids, you now have the ability to to disqualify a vendor from the bidding process and include a notification to the vendor. The disqualified vendor still has access to the discussions tab if they need further clarification as to why they were disqualified. This feature is available for on-system bidders only.

  • Bid Clarifications: you now have the ability to send bid clarifications to all parties from the discussion tab. Additionally, if you have a new chat, a notification will be generated within the discussions tab. When creating a new RFP, we have updated to a cleaner and simpler UI/UX design when selecting the type of vendors. This feature is available for on-system bidders only.

Lists & Templates: Project cost code lists that have been assigned to a project will no longer be able to be deleted from Lists and Templates. You may archive them, but they will remain on the platform so that projects referencing them will remain linked.

Workflow Enhancements (🙌 Yay Efficiency!):

Change Orders

  • Change Order Requests: When conducting a change order request (Owner-rep only) and you have a contract with only one project cost code, the system will now automatically select that cost code.


  • Approved SoVs: within a contract, the SOV’s labeled as “approved,” will now be locked and can only be edited by creating a change order.

PayApps/ Invoices

  • Quoted Items Navigation: we now have enabled a scrolling feature of select quoted items within pay applications, so you are able to easily view a high-volume of quoted items.

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

Bid Packages

  • Bid Leveling: the ability to level bids from “high” to “low” is now working properly.

  • Discussions: you can now access the Discussions tab without the need to refresh your web browser.

  • Manual Bid Entries: when adding a manual bid card and hitting “cancel,” the card will no longer be created.

  • Posting Bids to the Anticipated Cost Report (ACR): when selecting a bid to post to the ACR, we now only allow for one bid to be able to be posted within a bid package.

Budget: There are no longer non-documented costs appearing within budget burn down. When hovering your mouse over a budget change, the mouse will now recognize that it’s a hyperlink.

Change Orders: When you add an off-system contract to a change order request, you can now save the change order request, create a manual change order, or send any on-system requests in the same change order request.

Companies/Contacts: when adding new contacts and companies, the pop-up window will now appear centered and within your screen’s parameters.

Funding Sources: You can now properly select the funding company without a “Z-index issue” error occurring.

Pay Apps / Invoices: When an invoice is received on system and you add an adjustment, the default line items filter billed this period will now display the adjustment.

Projects: When adding a company, field entries are now properly aligned according to the screen.


  • Drawings: any reference to “BIM / Drawings” has now been renamed to “Drawings”, allowing you to upload .pdf file types only.

  • Proposal Preview: attachments/exhibits are now visible within the proposal preview.

  • Project Teams: When creating a project team and roles within Proposals, you now have the ability to edit an employee’s title and select from multiple billable roles.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our customer. So keep letting us know what you think!

IngeniousIO Customer Success Team

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