New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

Bid Requests: We’ve now added the ability to edit a bid request after it’s been sent. Specifically, you have the ability to add a quoted item or question after a bid has been sent and track changes. If any edits have been made to a bid request, an in-app banner will appear indicating if the edits have been sent to the vendors for revision.

Change Order Request Log: We have created an accessible log of all change order requests, that allows you to view the status of all change orders within a change order request. This change order log enables you to view the status of all change order requests sent out on a single project.

Workflow Enhancements (🙌 Yay Efficiency!):

Contract Files: The folders for tasks, contract files, drawings, and progress reports will now automatically populate with any files uploaded to their respective modules. Any project finance related files will automatically populate to the document folders in the next platform update.

Pay Apps & Invoices: When an invoice status is approved and paid, we’ve removed the ability to go back to vendor submission.

Exports: GC and Subcontractor invoices can now be exported to provide the contractor an application for payment certificate and the contractor contract breakdown certificate (see below for sample reports).

User-Interface Upgrades (😍 Ooh La La!):

RFP: When navigating to the RFP module on the left-hand navigation bar, you’ll now be greeted with an RFP listing page, complete with a filter (e.g. project name, sector, date received, included team members, bidding deadline, and actions).

When you click into an RFP, we’ve improved the landing page to include relevant information (e.g. details, summary, location, and Q&A) and attachments (e.g. drawings, files, specifications, and discussions).

Digitally Received RFP: If your client has created a bid package and selected your company as a bidder to receive a Request for Proposal, the RFP that has been sent down to your company will appear within the RFP module.

Manually created RFP: After you have entered an off-system RFP, you can assign team members, office location and other details that you will need to create a proposal later on. The proposal will populate with all details entered within the RFP.

Please note: Once you’ve accepted an RFP, the acceptance of a proposal automatically moves you into the Proposal module.

Tasks: We have added various UI/UX updates to the task page, along with new filters (such as priority - see visual below) to the tab list. Additionally, you now have the ability to click into a project (project name is hyper-linked) from the task.

Project Settings: Within project settings, we’ve added the ability to assign an Architect of Record that allows them final approval of RFIs and Submittals.

Bid Packages: We have made the actions of “Posting to ACR” and “Recommending for Approval,” two separate actions that can be taken on a bid card. It should be noted, selecting, “Recommending for Approval” on a bid card in the future will initiate an internal and external approval process.

Proposal Preview: We’ve now added the ability to access the contract of any proposal that has been won by your company. Also, when receiving a proposal, the attached exhibits opens up in a new tab within your browser. We have also made various UI/UX enhancements to make this feature more intuitive and user-friendly, such as the ability to view a contract directly from a proposal when one has been created.

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

Bid Packages: Various frontend enhancements (UI/UX) and text updates have been applied to bid packages.

Budget Burn Down: General improvements were made to the budget burn down to reflect the main contract agreement on a project. This is applicable to GCIO, DesignIO and SubIO workspaces.

Change Order Request: Within a change order request, non-contracted cost codes are no longer being pulled from company settings as opposed to the project budget.

Company Settings: When uploading your logo to the Exports section of company settings, it will now properly load and save.

Contracts: adding new companies to a contract will properly store the company contact within your workspace’s contacts list.

Invoices & PayApps: You can now create an invoice for an off-system vendor and click approve without an error message occurring.

  • The bug in the calendar appearing on screen correctly when setting the billing period dates has been corrected.

  • When navigating to the pay applications listing page, you will no longer see two action buttons in the top right-hand corner.

Left-Hand Navigation: Various UI/UX updates have been made to the left-hand navigation bar.

Lists & Templates: We have made a number of text updates to ensure the landing pages for project cost codes, quotes, items, and bid Q&A are intuitive.

Manual Bid & Contracts: When scrolling down the account types dropdown menu within a manual bid or contract, you will now be able to see additional account types to select.

Meeting Minutes: When exporting meeting minutes, the date is now showing correctly.

Project Budget: When selecting a line item within your budget and clicking on the “Save and Update Next” action button, you will now be prompted with the next budget line item.

The validation for cost code detail within your budget is now no longer left empty.

Projects: After accepting a project invitation, the correct project name will now appear.

Project Directory: When changing an off-system company name within your contacts in a project, the project directory will now correctly update.

Project Settings: When a value is entered into the rentable or usable square foot type, the validation will no longer appear.

Proposals: The budget/fee estimate totals are now calculated correctly.

RFP’s: When applying a filter to RFPs and then clearing the selected filters, you will now see the original list of available filters.

Within the RFP details, you now have the ability to move currency between gross area and estimated construction value.

When selecting the “Start Proposal” action button after completing an RFP, a newly designed “Congratulations” pop-up window will appear.

Within the Accepted tab of the RFP listing page, now when you toggle the default sort so the most recent RFPs appear at the top of the RFP listing.

We have made various enhancements to how business units appear (UI/UX) on the RFP listing page.

Tasks: Now when adding a contact as a member to a task, the “No members added yet” placeholder text will appear.

When unlocking a locked task and clicking on the “save” action button, the task will now properly unlock.

Upon creating a new task and adding a checklist item, a duplicate checklist will no longer appear after clicking on “enter” twice.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So keep letting us know what you think!

IngeniousIO Customer Success Team

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