New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

RFPs: after sending RFPs down to bidders within the bid package, the bidders will now have easier access to files within a “Received RFP Files” page of their RFP. The RFP files clients send down to bidders will be organized by type (drawings, specifications, files) all within the same view:

Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

Budget/ACR: When approving the budget, we have incorporated a file uploader to the budget approval modal. Additionally, any file uploaded at this stage will be copied to the documents feature, within the budget approval folder (documents > folder Budget / ACR > folder budget approval):

Contracts: We’ve enhanced the UI/UX of the contracts feature including the following:

  • Contracts listing page: added a new listing view that allows for more specific filtering across contracts your company is managing (Vendor Contracts) and contracts signed directly with your clients (My Client Contracts).

  • Direct Contract Creation: added ability to enter new contracts within the Contracts page:

Note: for My Main Contracts, you will find a list of both executed and unexecuted main contracts between your company and your clients. The intention here is that you search for existing project contracts before creating a new project.

  • Project Specific Contracts: within your project’s contract listing page, the contract’s execution and SoV status, and retention % summary are now visible. details, retention rules, and quoted items, among others.

New Contract Interface: within a selected project contract there is a new layout to the interface that allows for easier navigation and quicker ability to identify what steps are needed to move the contract along. This includes the following:

1) the ability to change the contract value from the quoted items tab and rolling total calculation of quoted items to contract value; and 2) during the process of contract creation, there is now a wizard to assist before arriving to the contract page:

Discussions: For all new discussion notifications, we have added a pulse notification to alert users of a new message.

Proposals: We have implemented a new file uploader with a refined “Q&A” section. The new file uploader addresses previous challenges around file sharing and will automatically share these files with your Client when you submit your Proposal.

Workflow Enhancements (🙌 Yay Efficiency!):

Documents: We have now included default sync settings for documents within company settings. By default, we will sync files to your workspace allowing your team to automatically create a backup of files that are shared with you. If you’d like to turn this setting off, please navigate to Company Settings, select Preferences, and change the setting for “Sync All Shared Files.”

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

Bid Packages: When creating a bid package, you will no longer have the option to select archived employees as the contact person within the bid package details.

When inviting a new bidder to create a workspace from an on-system bid package, the new bidder will now receive an email notification to “create a workspace.”

When entering in new discussion messages within an on-system bid package, 3rd-parties will now properly receive and be alerted.

When exporting your bids to PDF, the bid placements will now be correctly displayed within the PDF per the selected filters.

When assigning or removing a user from a bid request, we’ve improved the messaging within the notification to make it clearer to users of the action.

When a client creates a bid package and selects a vendor to send the RFP, the data is now properly displayed from the proposal.

When you create a manual bid package, a progress bar has been added to the Q&A section when being prompted to upload files.

Budget: Now when accessing the pre-populated project cost codes within your workspace, you will no longer receive an error banner message indicating they are no longer available.

Employees: Now when editing employees within your workspace, it will properly save upon clicking the “save” action button.

Proposals: You can now properly load an attachment to an exhibit of a proposal.

RFP’s: When creating an off-system RFP and selecting an on-system client, the RFP will now be shown as manually-entered. Additionally, various text and data field updates have been applied.

Tasks: When an external member accepts an invitation to a task, the 3rd party can now navigate back to the task after selecting the notification.

When creating and saving a new task within your project and within viewing inspections or permits, you will no longer experience an “Error 403.”

Members added within a checklist of a task, will now properly appear as a member of the Task.

Various UI/UX and text updates have been applied to task invitations and task status.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer community. Keep letting us know what you think!

IngeniousIO Customer Success Team

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