New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

  • Custom Columns on Tasks Board View: Within the left-hand navigation menu option for “Tasks” there exists a Board view option. Upon selecting this the kanban style view of displaying tasks appears in a standard format. The standard format has five default status columns that cannot be edited: “Not Started”, “In Progress”, “Under Review”, “Completed” and “Archived”. There is a new feature added to be able to select “Custom View” and create custom columns to sort tasks into more granular workflows. These new custom columns are bound to the default status columns. Custom views are unique to the user profile and not shared across companies nor workspaces at this time.

  • Project Directory PDF Export: When exporting a Project Directory from the platform, it will now include a PDF as shown below:

  • Currencies: The following currencies have been added into the platform:

S$ - SGD - Singapore

¥ - JPY - Japan

A$ - AUD - Australia

NZ$ - NZD - New Zealand

RM - MYR - Malaysia

฿ - THB - Thailand

There are currently three features to configure currencies: Company Settings, Project Settings and List and Templates.

Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

  • Meeting Minutes: Notifications (email and in-app) are now live for on-system users. These notifications include: project invitations, sent agendas, and shared meetings. Off-system users who would like the agenda PDFs for record only, will need to be sent them directly.

  • Proposals: Quick filters are now added for convenience. These filters will quickly let you sort by All, Draft, Submitted, Revise & Resubmit, Won, Closed, Pending Contract, and Lost.

  • RFP Summary: Details Page within Proposal Module has been revised in the “RFP Summary” tab which includes General Details, Insurance Requirements, My Team, Important Dates, and Project Location.

  • Budget/Fee: A tooltip has been added for markup. Markups are not made public to clients. The price to the client field is what will be shared when sending your proposal.

  • Titles: Title descriptions have been updated for Change Orders, Budget Lines, Quoted Items, and Bid Package.

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

  • Add Team Member: Now in an RFP, an email notification will be sent once a new team member is added.

  • Bid Actions: Within the bid package, the bid actions are now properly displayed whether the page is zoomed in or zoomed out.Dashboard: An RFP will now be generated automatically when creating a new proposal.

  • Manual Bid: When adding a manual bid in the bid package, the setting menu now shows the optional actions.

  • New Contacts: When adding a new contact, the company search results are now properly displayed

  • Off-System Contacts: Now off-system contacts will appear in the RepIO workspace.

  • Program Selection: The field to add a program within the DesignIO workspace has been removed.

  • Project Email Signature: The email signature logo was previously shown as too large. This logo has been revised to a standard shape for the email.

  • Project Email Notifications: Project email notifications sent out to other users by error has been resolved.

  • Q/A Tab within Bid Package- All uploaded files within a bid package in the Q&A tab are accessible within the bid package.

  • RFP-Calendar Preview: Under RFP, the calendar preview will properly be visible.

  • Task Search: Tasks within the project tab are now shown in the search results.

  • “Take Me There”: Now in the project dashboard; within the onboarding slideout, all the “Take Me There” links are properly functioning.

  • Vendor Details: When specifying a Vendor Contract Type and choosing an off-system company, Contract Type now appears consistent with the account type when a new company is created.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So keep letting us know what you think!

IngeniousIO Customer Success Team

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