Hello IngeniousIO Community,

The IngeniousIO team is excited to share the progress on our dynamic and constantly improving platform! Below are the latest platform enhancements regarding new features, workflow improvements, feature developments, user-interface upgrades and bug fixes, that were added and/or addressed within the last three weeks.

Please take a moment to review the latest updates to the IngeniousIO platform (note: the following updates are applied to all workspaces unless otherwise indicated):

New Feature Release (👏 !!!):

  • Invitations - In the Owner Rep workspace, the user now has the ability to Invite an Owner, who was originally set up as Off-system, to now be On-System and collaborate on an Existing Project!

  • Master List and Templates - Users now have the ability to export all Master Lists & Templates to Excel!

  • Sharing & Collaboration - In the Owner Rep workspace, the user now has the ability to share the Budget / ACR with an On-System Owner!

Feature Enhancements (👊 Niiiice):

  • Timesheets and Expenses- Users will now be able to select new phases that are associated with a change order into their timesheet and expenses. When a new phase is added via a Change Order, you will now be able to select those phases to bill time and/or expenses towards.

  • Budget/ACR - Wording has been changed in the Budget/ACR: “Pending Non Contracted Cost” has changed to “Unallocated Funds” & “Over / Under Budget” has changed to “Variance to the Budget." This is to reduce or eliminate any confusion based on wording in the Budget/ACR.

Workflow Enhancements (🙌 Yay Efficiency!):

  • Reports in SubIO- Within a project, we have updated the name of the module titled “Morning Reports” to "Kickoff Reports.” This is to bring clarity around the intended functionality of this module, which is to allow you to create a report at the project’s kickoff or start on a daily basis.

  • Payapps & Invoices - The OpenCA and OpenCA+ subscription accounts have access to use the Payapps and Invoices module. Any external contacts you invite to collaborate on with you will now have the ability to create and submit invoices to you or any one else that needs to approve invoices on-system!

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

  • Several updates have been made to correct areas of bugs/issues in the platform. Some of these areas include the contract details, viewing tasks by project, meeting minute items and discussions, errors in invoicing and pay apps, and visual alignments on screens.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So keep letting us know what you think!

IngeniousIO Customer Success Team


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