Hello INGENIOUS.BUILD Community!

The INGENIOUS.BUILD team is excited to share the progress on our dynamic and constantly improving platform! Below are the latest platform enhancements regarding new features, workflow improvements, feature developments, user-interface upgrades and bug fixes, that were added and/or addressed within the last two weeks.

Please take a moment to review the latest updates to the INGENIOUS.BUILD platform (note: the following updates are applied to all workspaces unless otherwise indicated):

Feature & Workflow Enhancements ( 🙌 Yay Efficiency!):

Project Management:

New Fields within Project Settings:

We have added fields for Baseline and Forecast Project Start and End Dates within the Project Settings module. Now users will be able to update project schedule dates in real time as a project unfolds. This way users can quickly and easily compare against original projections!

These Forecast fields can be updated directly within Project Settings as well as from the Portfolio Master Schedule. Updating in either location will update the other simultaneously. Users now have more flexibility in entering important data within INGENIOUS.BUILD!

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

  • Several updates have been made to correct areas of bugs/issues in the platform. Some of these areas include the following: Schedule of Values within an Invoice, Project Settings, Contract Values, Budget Exports, RFPs, Drawings, Vendor Contract Details, Invitations, Bid Package loading times, Company Details, and Project Directory.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So keep letting us know what you think!

IngeniousIO Customer Success Team


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