Hello IngeniousIO Community!

The IngeniousIO team is excited to share the progress on our dynamic and constantly improving platform! Below are the latest platform enhancements regarding new features, workflow improvements, feature developments, user-interface upgrades and bug fixes, that were added and/or addressed within the last three weeks.

Please take a moment to review the latest updates to the IngeniousIO platform (note: the following updates are applied to all workspaces unless otherwise indicated):

Feature & Workflow Enhancements ( 🙌 Yay Efficiency!):

Project Financials:

  • Change Orders - Updated Work Breakdown Structure:

We have updated the Work Breakdown Structure in Change Orders to include 3 tiers (Quoted Item, Phase, and Task). Now users will be able to seamlessly execute Change Orders against existing scope on Contracts, as well as create new scope at all 3 WBS tiers, which gives you flexibility in how you track your project costs!

Workspace Features:

  • Notification Banners

In response to customer feedback, we have updated the Notification Banners at the top of the screen to automatically disappear after 6 seconds!

Construction Administration:

  • RFIs - Ability to populate fields on a Change Order from an RFI

Users now have the ability to populate fields on a Change Order directly from an RFI, saving you time and preventing manual data entry! Once an RFI has been acknowledged and closed, users will have the opportunity to create a Change Order from the RFI:

When the Change Order is created, the following info will automatically populate:

  1. The Change Order title will be the RFI ID and Title

  2. The source will be the RFI the Change Order was created from

  3. The Change Order description will include the question and solution from the RFI

  4. The Schedule Impact will be shown in the schedule impact tab, if applicable

Project Management:

  • Employee Projects Tab

Users will now be able to use the Employees module to view which Projects an employee is assigned to, within a new “Projects” tab in Employee Details. An employee is considered assigned to a project if they are listed in the Business Summary of the Project. Users will also be able to click directly into the Projects from this tab!

Bug-Fixes (💥SQUASH!):

  • Several updates have been made to correct areas of bugs/issues in the platform. Some of these areas include the following: Bid Packages, Meeting Minutes, Invoices, Employees, Contracts, and Documents.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So keep letting us know what you think!

Ingenious.Build Customer Success Team


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