01/08/2022 Release Notes


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to Keep Being INGENIOUS, the fabulous newsletter about the shiniest new features and enhancements to our platform. We at INGENIOUS.BUILD are thrilled to share the progress on our dynamic and constantly improving platform.

Note: the following updates are applied to all workspaces unless otherwise indicated.

Feature & Workflow Enhancements ( ๐Ÿ™Œ Yay Efficiency!):

Project Financials:

  1. Bid Packages โ€” Ability to modify Project and Bidding Schedules:

    • Bid due date needing to change? No problem! Substantial completion is pushing a week later? Well, maybe there's a slight problem there, but you can certainly now modify dates associated with your Project and Bidding Schedules even after you've sent a bid package. This includes Services Commencement, Construction Commencement, Anticipated Substantial Completion, Pre-Bid Walk Through, and Bid Due Date. Changing any of these dates will alert all affected bidders via In-App and Email notifications.

2. Invoicing & Pay Applications โ€” Ability to increase retention within a contract after invoices have been approved

  • Previously, retention could only be decreased after invoices have been initiated and approved. New year, new capabilities! Now you have the ability to increase retention even after invoices have been issued. Hooray for flexibility!

Project Management:

  1. Tasks Update โ€” New task types and easier source tracking

    • As a part of a more extensive tasks update, a new task creation slide-out is being released at a later time. This update mainly focuses on a new field called task types. By changing the way that task type and task source is defined, we will now be able to have a lot more control over the type of tasks we are creating. In this update we now have the ability to switch between General, Milestone, Events and Risk Issues. In coming updates each of these task types will get their own dynamic fields that are specific to each task type.

    • If it exists, the source of a task can now be found as a hyperlink underneath the task name. If it does not exist, then it will not appear. Less clicking, more doing!

2. Project Settings โ€” Multi-select and delete function on Type of Service within Project Info:

  • Users will now be able to select multiple types of services from Project Settings > Project Information, and remove unwanted types of services from their workspace as long as they are not linked to another project. Previously, you could only select one type. Go ahead, show us what youโ€™re all about!

3. Project Settings โ€” Unsaved information:

  • If a user tries to navigate away from a project settings page without saving the changed information they will now be prompted to save the information or navigate away from the page without saving. No more unintentional lost progress!

Bug-Fixes (๐Ÿ’ฅSQUASH!):

  • Several updates have been made to correct areas of bugs/issues in the platform. Some of these areas include the following: Drawings, Invoices and Payapps, Bid Packages and Proposals, Change Orders, Contract Validation, Platform Features

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So keep letting us know what you think!

INGENIOUS.BUILD Customer Success Team

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