Punch Lists contain a list of trade-related items that need to be addressed during or before the Closeout phase of a project.


Adding a New Punch Item

While adding a new punch item, users will find a very similar experience to our new tasks feature with a few additional fields unique to our punch tool. From this screen, users will be able to add information in regards to their punch item, including the description of the item that needs to be addressed, its priority, the start date and due date, custom stamps, and checklist items.

Stamps and Referencing Drawings

From the punch creation screen shown above, users will be able to add custom stamps to a punch item through our “Create New Stamp” modal. From the Stamp drop-down menu, click Create new stamp. Here, users will enter in a 2 digit stamp initials, the stamp title, and also select the color. Once the stamp has been either selected or created, users will have the ability to place that stamp directly on a drawing sheet. Once the user clicks “Select Sheet” they will be directed to our drawings module and be able to place the stamp. That stamp will now live on that drawing sheet for the whole project directory to see, and will refer back to the punch item it came from. For now, users will be able to select and create stamps in anticipation of our Drawings feature rolling out later this quarter!

List View

The new list view for Punch List’s clearly organizes punch items by providing sortable columns. In addition to sorting, users will also have the ability to filter their punch list in order to narrow down and locate the punch item they are looking for.

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