You will need to have had an RFI sent to you, and ball-in-court assigned to yourself. For more on this, read our article here.


Responding to an RFI

When the user with Ball-in-Court opens the RFI, they will be led to a screen providing them a summary of the RFI. This information includes who created the RFI, any references the initiator included, and any solutions that have been provided. The user will then be able to navigate to the solutions tab where they can propose a new solution, add a cost/schedule impact, and any additional files they may want to reference. When they have finished with their proposed solution, they may submit the solution and change the Ball-in-Court to whoever else needs to weigh-in on the solution.

If they are the last reviewer, they can change the Ball-in-Court back to the user who submitted it to them.

Next Steps

Acknowledging and closing the RFI

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