During the OCR Review process, it is important to appropriately select the OCR region you would like the system to read for your sheet numbers and titles. By following the below tips, you will receive more accurate results to give you a more accurate and organized drawing set.

To improve accuracy, follow these tips:

  • The biggest problem a user can run into during the OCR process on drawings is when the drawings template is shifted on the page. It is important that the template is located in the same location on each page for accurate OCR reading.

  • When selecting the region, do not highlight the text “Sheet No.” or “ Sheet title”. Our OCR system will read this text and include it in the Sheet Number & Title text.

  • Select the largest area possible to OCR. Oftentimes for sheet titles, there are some that can be one line of text, and other titles that can be multiple lines of text. In order to capture even the longest of sheet titles, please select the largest possible area as in the example below.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • When selecting small areas for OCR, you can zoom in on the drawing using the CTRL + scroll wheel

  • Page numbers are listed as invalid if they contain spaces. (Ex. A101 works, but A 101 will not)

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